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On this website we share information about Bonsai tree care. For background information (styles, history) check the "Origin of Bonsai" section and for techniques check "the Basics" section.



Bonsai gallery


We are updating this gallery as soon as possible to improve our attribution and information per photo. For now, you can track the owners and tree species downloading this text file! Return to our Bonsai homepage.

Shohin gallery


Phoot courtesy by Morten Albek.

Chinese Penjing gallery


Photo courtesy ManLung.

Shows and exhibitions - 2013

Noelanders Trophy XIV



Kokufu-ten Bonsai exhibition Japan



Bonsai en Penjing tentoonstelling in Yangzhao, China

Shows and exhibitions - 2012

EBA Slovenia



Azalea Lodder



Delft Bonsai



Noelanders Trophy XIII



Noelanders Trophy XIII workshops

Shows and exhibitions - 2011

Taikan Ten, Japan



Paterna Concurso






EBA Germany



Bonsai Centro Niemeyer CBPA



Jardin Arboretum



Museu Bonsai Sintra



Pacific Rim Bonsai



Shunga Ten




Shows and exhibitions - Older

Shunga Ten 2010



World Bonsai Convention



10th ASPAC Bonsai



Bonsai Vietnam



Bonsai Paterna






EBA Bonsai Switzerland



HKBF Man Lung Penjing



Noelanders Trophy XI



Penjing Yuan Shanghai

Japanese Gardens in Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto gardens - Kenninji



Kyoto gardens - Ginkakuji Silver Pavillion



Kyoto gardens - Kinkakuji Golden Pavillion



Kyoto gardens - Konchiin



Kyoto gardens - Gosho



Kyoto gardens - Nanzenin



Kyoto gardens - Ninnaji



Kyoto gardens - Ryoanji



Kyoto gardens - Ryogenin (Daitoku-ji complex)



Kyoto gardens - Kotoin (Daitoku-ji complex)



Kyoto gardens - Daisen-in (Daitoku-ji complex)

Kenrokuen, Kairakuen and Ritsurin-Koen Gardens









Esprit Bonsai magazine

Luxury Trees

Bonsai Gallery

Acer bonsai tree

Popular tree species

Ficus Ginseng bonsai

Ficus Ginseng




Juniper Bonsai





Ulmus chinese elm

Chinese Elm (Ulmus)
(Chinese Elm)

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