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Care guide for the Azalea Bonsai tree (Rhododendron)

The Rhododendrus genus consists of over 400 species, with the Azalea Satsuki and Azalea Kurume comonly used for Bonsai. The Azalea is well known for its spectactucar flowers, which come in many bright colors. Its leaves are darkgreen.



Azalea Bonsai movie





Specific Bonsai care guidelines for the Azalea Bonsai


Position: Place the Azalea at a bright spot, but not in full afternoonsun. During wintertime, protect the tree from freezing temperatures.


Watering: General watering practice, but note that the Azalea bonsai dislikes hard-water. Rainwater can be a better solution.


Feeding: Once every two or three weeks during its growth season. If the tree flowers, quit feeding altogether.


Pruning: The Azalea is one of the very few tree-species that are basally-dominant. Therefore, prune its base harder than the top to distribute growth evenly. The Azalea withstands strong pruning very well.


Repotting: Every two years, after flowering comes to an end. Apply a special soil which is lime-free.


Propagation: From cuttings during summer.




Example of an Azalea bonsai tree:

Azalea Bonsai




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