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From clay to Bonsai Pot

Making Bonsai pots is a complex process which requires a lot of knowhow, experience and artistry.

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The most expensive Bonsai tree

Bonsai trees come in all tree-species, sizes, shapes and... prices. Ranging from a few dollars for a small and young plant to one plant that sold for over a million dollars in Japan!

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Summer Bonsai Festival, Italy

Between august 31st and September 8th Fai della Paganella, a small town in the middle of the Brenta Dolomite Mountains in Italy hosted a Bonsai week named Summer Bonsai Festival.

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Bonsai in the Karate Kid movie

When I was young I watched the Karate Kid movie and, as you might have guessed by reading the title of this blog post, I was amazed by those little Bonsai trees that mr. Miyagi styled. I just had to have one!

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Bonsai treehouses

When I was a child, I was hooked on playing with model trains.

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How Big is Bonsai?

How “big” is Bonsai these days? How popular is it in one country/territory compared to another? Where are enthusiasts concentrated? We investigated these questions and present our findings in this article.

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Bonsai courses

Nature as a source of inspiration

Bonsai is a piece of nature. More than that, a Bonsai tree is an artwork that expresses our love and adoration of nature.

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Flowering Bonsai

Flowering Bonsai are very popular and fascinate almost everybody. But there are a number of things you must pay attention to if you want to make sure these Bonsai tree species will produce the desired flowers.

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Bonsai on a budget

Bonsai is a hobby which can be practiced in many different ways and with very different expenditure of money. Even pupils and students with a small allowance can practice this fascinating hobby. Learn how to grow Bonsai trees on a tight budget; low cost bonsai!

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Bonsai Pots

The pot is an important component of the Bonsai. Its significance and its part of the impression of the overall picture must not be underestimated.

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Super Mini Bonsai

As we all know, the basic concept in Bonsai is to make a mature tree in small size; so the smaller the Bonsai is, the more difficult to make.

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Bonsai trunk fusion

Trunk fusions are a grafting technique that use multiple approach grafts of seedlings or rooted cuttings to create a large base trunk with a dramatic even taper in a relatively short time frame.

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