Next year the World Bonsai Convention will return to Japan, where it was first organized 28 years ago. The convention is massive in scale (they rent the Saitama Super Arena to host it) and features several world famous masters demonstrating their techniques on stage. Bonsai Empire is an official press partner and will cover the event in film and photo.

Copied from the WBC website: "Bonsai events held in Japan generally are displays of bonsai masterpieces. As bonsai gained international popularity, foreign bonsai events shifted their style to where enthusiasts gather to exchange information and invite masters from Japan to hold workshops.The Bonsai Convention started off in such way. Soon, the conventions expanded to America and European nations and kept growing in scale. In the midst of its growing popularity, the first World Bonsai Convention was held in Japan, the home of bonsai, in April 1989.This convention was hosted by Japan Bonsai Association at Saitama Prefecture, Saitama City (former Omiya City), where the Omiya Bonsai Village is located, and achieved great success as the largest convention with over 1200 participants. The World Bonsai Convention was later decided to be held every four years and has been hosted by America, Korea, Germany, Puerto Rico, China, and in 2017, after 28 years of the first hosting, back in Japan"

The event is held April 27th - 30th 2017. Don't miss it!


8th WBC Japan

The official leaflet of the WBC.


8th WBC Japan

The program features demonstrations by famous masters including mr. Kimura.


Register now and find more information at the 8th World Bonsai Convention Saitama website! We hope to see you in Japan, next April :-)