What better way to learn than to look at how experts prune and wire Bonsai trees? In the progressions part of this website several examples of young trees and nursery stock being trained can be found, as well as some interesting background information.

Bonsai demonstration by Taiga Urushibata

The Bonsai progressions all show before and after shots of Bonsai trees being styled by experts. A great way to learn the basics of styling trees.

In this article Melanie Walzer discusses the tree's progression and the artistic considerations made when Nicola Crivelli styled it. “Lone Wolf with cub” has won the first prize at the Swiss Bonsai Award in 2012.

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Bonsai courses

In May of 2004 I visited David Fukumoto at his Kurtistown, Hawaii, nursery, Fuku-Bonsai. David is a long-time friend and Bonsai artist and knowing of my interest in Ficus presented me with a Ficus natalensis, grown from material that he obtained many years before while involved in a research project with the Lyon Arboretum.

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In the tropics, especially in South and South East Asia, there is a giant rain tree called Samanea saman that grows as a beautiful gigantic tree giving shades to a large area under it.

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