Buying trees


Buying Bonsai trees in a store or online shop

Most Bonsai enthusiasts started their hobby with a ready-made Bonsai tree, bought in a Bonsai shop or received as a present. Although you will not experience the fun of creating your own tree, it is a great way to get started and get a feeling for the basic care for Bonsai trees. Once you get enthusiastic about Bonsai you can eventually learn growing them yourself.


Where and how to buy a Bonsai tree?



Most large garden centers sell low-priced Bonsai trees, although these are usually not of high quality. Many specialized (online) Bonsai shops sell bonsai trees as well, though at slightly higher prices. Check this article for a store near you; Bonsai trees for sale.



Some basic advice for buying Bonsai trees:

  1. Do not start with buying a species of tree that is hard to care for; it is recommended for beginners to start with an easy-to-care for tree. Check our bonsai tree species guide or ask before purchasing a tree!
  2. Buy a tree that is suitable for the place where you intend to put it; only indoor (sub-tropical) trees will do well indoors, just like outdoor trees will only do well when placed outside (check the list of recommendable species below)
  3. Do not forget to ask what species of tree you bought; this is important to look up information about how to care for it properly.
  4. Check the pot for damage.




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Recommended indoor bonsai


Recommended outdoor bonsai




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