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Care guide for the Carmona Bonsai tree (Fukien Tea)

Originating from China (from the province Fuijan, hence the name), where it’s still very popular for Penjing purposes, the Fukien is a popular indoor Bonsai tree. Its small dark-green shiny leaves are covered with hairs. In late spring/early summer small flowers appear that later on make place for small dark berries.


Carmona Bonsai



Specific Bonsai care guidelines for the Carmona


Position: The Fukien Tea is an indoor tree, which can only be placed outside in warm climates. It prefers a bright spot without too much direct sunlight though. The best temperature is around 20 degrees C (68F), make sure it doesn’t experience much lower temperatures.


Watering: Keep the tree moist, as it doesn’t like droughts. But be careful not to water too often either.


Feeding: Fertilize the tree once to twice every month from spring till autumn, less often during the winter.


Pruning: The Fukien tree can take pruning quite well, regular pruning will make the tree grow a dense branch structure.


Repotting: In early spring about every two years. Use a normal soil mixture.


Propagation: From seeds or by using cuttings in summer.




Example of an Fukien Tea (Carmona) bonsai tree:

Fukien tea carmona bonsai tree




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