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In the section “Basics” we have discussed the general knowledge of Bonsai care and cultivation. Here in our Blog we write about current and more advanced topics.

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Butchered Yamadori beauty in the French Alps

 Yamadori vandalism



An attempt at collecting a tree from the wild has cost a handsome pine its life and sent a wave of outrage across the bonsai world. One example among many of a practice that is unworthy of the art of bonsai.


A visit to Michael Hagedorn's Bonsai garden

Michael Hagedorn bonsai



Michael started Bonsai at age 15, which eventually led to an apprenticeship under master Shinji Suzuki. He spend several years in Japan learning about Bonsai, after which he returned to the United States to start his own garden.

In this article we share several photos of the tranquil and absolutely wonderful Bonsai garden of Michael Hageforn, as well as a movie we made when we visited him. Enjoy!


Visit to the Pacific Bonsai Museum

Pacific Bonsai Museum, Seattle



The Pacific Bonsai Museum is located in a wonderfully forested area, close to Seattle. It offers a great collection of over one hundred trees, all from Pacific Rim nations.

We visited the museum recently, find some photos in this article as well as a movie!


And the winners are...

Artisans Cup 2015 winners



It's sunday afternoon and the Award Ceremony brunch just came to an end. A grand finale for a grand exhibition!

I'm glad to share with you the three winning trees, good for $18,000 worth in prize money!


The Artisans Cup, photos of the event

The Artisans Cup



We've been waiting for a long time for this. At last, the Portland Art Museum opened its doors to the Artisans Cup. And what a show it is...

Bonsai Empire presents a sneak-preview to the exhibition. Here goes!


Coming soon, our "Bonsai Intermediate Course"




It's been 4 months since we launched our "Bonsai Beginners Course" and we are proud of the great response from our students, as well as the reviews in magazines including Esprit Bonsai, Bonsai Art, Bonsai Focus, ABS and BCI. And ofcourse great blogs including Bonsai Tonight and OfBonsai. Thanks for supporting our effort!


In training, looking at Bonsai through the eyes of a professional photographer

Stephen Voss Bonsai photography



Stephen Voss is a photographer with an impressive portfolio (he did portraits with the likes of Alan Greenspan, Michelle Obama and Bill Gates). Somehow he decided to set time aside in his busy schedule to do a Bonsai book, an idea we of course applaud. We decided to find out what he is about to do, and did an interview with him.


Automated Bonsai Watering systems

Automated watering systems for Bonsai




Every bonsai enthusiast knows the problem that there are times when he can't be at home and therefore can't water his bonsai trees himself. During the summer heat even long work days can be critical when the trees need to be watered frequently.

Now and then we want to travel for a weekend or longer and then we must make arrangements to insure proper care for our bonsai trees. Family members or neighbors are in most cases unable to cope with the trees' needs and often there is a bitter loss in the end.


The Artisans Cup, innovating the Bonsai exhibition as we knew it

Ryan Neil bonsai artist



A few weeks ago we did an interview with Ryan Neil on his experiences as apprentice in Japan, and how he uses his knowledge to progress the art of Bonsai in the West. Oscar did a second interview, this time focusing on what we can expect from the event he is organizing this September. And Ryan has a few surprises up his sleeve...


Bonsai in Salzburg, June 2015

Salzburg Bonsai



Bonsai, Kusamono and Suiseki artists and lovers, came together from all over Europe to the "Old Salt" on Perner Island as part of the Festival of Bonsai, Kusamono (and Suiseki) organized by the Bonsai Club Salzburg. Titled, The International bonsai and Kusamono festes. Some wonderful and beautifully artistic Bonsai were in the exhibition.


Bonsai course

Bonsai eBook

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