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In the section “Basics” we have discussed the general knowledge of Bonsai care and cultivation. Here in our Blog we write about current and more advanced topics.

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Artisans Cup Retrospective

Artisans Cup retrospective



The Artisans Cup took place about four months ago and changed my perception of what a Bonsai event could look like. One key novelty was how transparent the judging was organized; the five judges' critiques for all 71 trees were recorded and are now made available as part of a membership.


Bonsai demonstrations at the Noelanders Trophy 2016

Demos at Noelanders Trophy



This year's Noelanders Trophy was a great event and the three demonstrations were of outstanding quality. The demonstrators of this year are Taiga Urushibata, Koji Hiramatsu and Mauro Stemberger. We filmed the demonstrations and in this article you will find the three finished movies.


Noelanders Trophy XVII (2016)

Noelanders Trophy 2016



The 17th edition of the Noelanders Trophy has started today and the trees on display are once again, stunning! Over 100 Bonsai trees on display, two entire rows with Suiseki viewing stones and 80 traders make this the epicenter of European Bonsai.

The demonstrators of this year are Taiga Urushibata, Koji Hiramatsu and Mauro Stemberger. Together with Marc Noelanders they will choose the winning trees. Bonsai Empire will film the demo's as well, so stay tuned or follow us on Facebook!


Kunio Kobayashi: from good to near perfect

Kunio Kobayashi



We were incredibly honored to have the famous Bonsai master from Tokyo, mr. Kunio Kobayashi, join in on our 15th anniversary celebration. We asked him: what makes a Bonsai truly great?

Enjoy watching!


Help! My Bonsai is losing leaves

Help my bonsai is losing its leaves



"Help! My Bonsai is losing leaves!"

Unfortunately, we get these cries for help quite often on our forums. Taking care of a Bonsai tree can be a bit overwhelming for beginners, but with this guide you should be fine. We'll investigate the causes of your tree losing leaves and the remedies!


Taiga Urushibata: creating a shari

Taiga Urushibata



In this movie, Taiga Urushibata explains how to create a Shari (deadwood part of the trunk) on a Bonsai.  The trick is to study the live veins on the tree carefuly, and only remove those parts of the trunk not linked to the branches above it.

Enjoy watching!


Looking back on the Bonsai Europa show

Bonsai Europa 2015 show



Over one hundred great trees on display, eight demonstrations, free workshops for children and a wonderful location: Tony Tickle on the Bonsai Europa 2015 event.

Almost forgot, Tony also shares studioshots from the winning trees in this post... ;-)


Bonsai seasons: Spectacular Fall colors

Fall colors on Bonsai trees



One of the things I like most about Bonsai is the fact that it is a living art. Bonsai trees change over time as well as through the seasons. Fall might just be the most spectacular time to enjoy deciduous Bonsai; this is the time when leaves change color, resulting in dramatic appearances of the trees.

Bonsai artist Luis Vallejo (from Spain) agreed to do a series with Bonsai Empire; the seasons of Bonsai. The first edition is the Fall. Enjoy these amazing photos!


European Spruce progression

Spruce bonsai



Yamadori trees have their own presence and character from the very beginning of their Bonsai-life, they are thrilling to work with. The first Bonsai trees ever were trees collected by monks in the mountains so in a way this is the original, and personally my favorite way of Bonsai.


The traditional Japanese Tokonoma display

Tokonoma displays



At the Bonsai-San show held two weeks ago, David Benavente and Andres Alvarez Iglesias both set up four Tokonoma displays. This traditional method of displaying Bonsai trees, together with an accent plant and scroll, is difficult as it should follow the style of tree as well as the current season.

Oscar interviewed both David and Andres and took several photos of the displays too. Enjoy!


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