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In the section “Basics” we have discussed the general knowledge of Bonsai care and cultivation. Here in our Blog we write about current and more advanced topics.

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Cherry blossom Bonsai

Cherry bonsai in blossom (sakura)



(In Japanese: 啓応桜, or: Sakura)

In Japan's Nara period (710–794) a tradition began of watching and appreciating the cherry blossom. The short period in which the cherries bloom has become a national obsession and is a period of great importance to the Japanese. Needless to say, many cherry blossom Bonsai trees are kept in Japan.


Artificial Bonsai, can't believe its fake

Artificial Bonsai trees



Bonsai trees can grow very old, and it takes years (even decades) to create a full grown tree. Paul Finch did something amazing, he created an Artificial Bonsai that looks so incredibly real that I still can't believe it's fake!

Have a look for yourself, fake or not?


Bonsai prices, what's a tree worth?

Bonsai prices



Bonsai are living works of art, some famous trees are hundreds of years old. These trees are priceless and when for sale, very expensive. But at the same time, we can also purchase Bonsai at a local garden center, for just a few bucks.

So how do you put a price tag on a Bonsai? What are they worth, what price makes sense for an individual tree? In this article we investigate the variables that are important and we look at a few examples of bonsai for sale.


How to start shaping Japanese azaleas

Azalea shaping



Jérôme Hay invited readers to follow his shaping of an azalea, starting with a classic 2-to-3-year-old seedling. After preparatory work last April, these Japanese azalea plants are ready to begin being shaped into future bonsai.


Bonsai and Tokonoma displays




A Tokonoma is a dedicated space in a Japanese style reception room, in which items are on display for artistic appreciation. Often this includes a Bonsai tree, a Suiseki (viewing stone), a scroll and an accent plant.


Bonsai demonstrations at the Noelanders Trophy

Noelanders Trophy 2015 demonstrations



This year's Noelanders Trophy was a great event and the three demonstrations were of outstanding quality. The demonstrators were Ryan Neil, Seok Ju Kim and Salvatore Liporace. We filmed the demonstrations and in this article you will find the three finished movies.


Noelanders Trophy - Bonsai Exhibition 2015

Noelanders Trophy 2015



This year's Noelanders Trophy was held at a new location; bigger, more spacious and simply better. The trees on display were of outstanding quality and at least 5 trees reached the level of almost-perfection. Selecting the winner must have been difficult for this year's demonstrators; Ryan Neil, Salvatore Liporace and Seok Ju Kim (follow us on Facebook as we will upload their demonstrations soon).


Hedges and tree, a Bonsai landscape

Landscape Bonsai with hedges



This post shows the remarkable creation of a small Bonsai landscape, by Joe Selworthy. It consists of a single tree (a maple) and a hedge (cotoneaster trees). Together with added moss the resulting miniature looks stunning!


Bonsai gardens, inspiration for displaying your trees

Bonsai garden


A well designed Bonsai garden makes your trees stand out more than anything else. But designing one is incredibly difficult, especially because you need to find a way to display your trees at eye-level, while keeping in mind the individual requirements of each of your trees. This article can help you to find inspiration and offers a few guidelines to get started; good luck!


7 Great Bonsai forests

Forest Bonsai (Yose eu)



The forest style (in Japanese "Yose-ue") is one of the most popular styles of Bonsai. Instead of creating and displaying a single tree, with a forest we create a complete landscape. Enjoy viewing seven stunning examples of Bonsai forests!



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