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In the section “Basics” we have discussed the general knowledge of Bonsai care and cultivation. Here in our Blog we write about current and more advanced topics.

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The Artisans Cup, innovating the Bonsai exhibition as we knew it

Ryan Neil bonsai artist



A few weeks ago we did an interview with Ryan Neil on his experiences as apprentice in Japan, and how he uses his knowledge to progress the art of Bonsai in the West. Oscar did a second interview, this time focusing on what we can expect from the event he is organizing this September. And Ryan has a few surprises up his sleeve...


Bonsai in Salzburg, June 2015

Salzburg Bonsai



Bonsai, Kusamono and Suiseki artists and lovers, came together from all over Europe to the "Old Salt" on Perner Island as part of the Festival of Bonsai, Kusamono (and Suiseki) organized by the Bonsai Club Salzburg. Titled, The International bonsai and Kusamono festes. Some wonderful and beautifully artistic Bonsai were in the exhibition.


The Great Wave off Kanagawa Bonsai

Great Wave off Kanagawa Bonsai



The Great Wave off Kanagawa is a woodblock print depicting a wave in front of Mount Fuji, by the Japanese artist Hokusai. This image is one of the most famous prints of Japan, and we were amazed by a Bonsai tree that looks remarkably similar.


Creating a Bonsai Village in Portland, USA

Portland bonsai village



The most famous and popular Bonsai destination in Japan is, without doubt, the Omiya Bonsai village. The village is actually a suburb of Tokyo, where five well known nurseries are located close to each other. Omiya Bonsai also became an important institution for Bonsai education in Japan. Despite its great success, we haven’t seen something similar appear in Europe or the USA. At least, not yet… An interview with Michael Hagedorn.


US National Bonsai: Goshin

Goshin Bonsai



"Truth is, this tree really needs no introduction, especially not from the likes of someone such as myself." - Danny Coffey.

Goshin is quite literally the most well-recognized bonsai in the United States, which would put it pretty high in the running for most recognized world-wide.  Even among Japanese professionals at the highest level, ‘Goshin’ is a familiar bonsai.


Tony Tickle’s push for Bonsai Europa 2015

Bonsai Europa 2015 UK



The United Kingdom has always had its place on the European Bonsai stage. We all know artists including Craig Coussins, Peter Adams, Graham Potter, Dan Barton, etc. Also in the main European shows many trees from UK artists can be seen. But… There’s no large Bonsai event in the UK.

We talk with Tony Tickle about all this and ask him about the event he is organizing for October 2015.


Miniature Bonsai Gardens

Miniature gardens



Emre Ozberk had a fascination for Bonsai trees. But at some point, he started to focus not on the tree, but on the empty space around it. The beginning of a great new hobby, creating miniature gardens around Bonsai trees.


The Abandoned Power Plant, Bonsai display

Abandoned Powerplant bonsai display



Azuma Makoto surprises us again with another great Bonsai display, this time inside an abandoned power plant. We talked to the artist about his latest work of art.


Miniature version of Hue, Vietnam

Miniature landscape Hue



The Vietnamese prove to be masters at creating miniature landscapes. Just two weeks ago we shared an article about a single landscape, this time we share an entire historic city center. Amazing work by a man named Nguyễn; he created a replica of the old city of Hue.


Satuki azalea Bonsai festival in Ueno

Satsuki Azala fetsival



The "Satsuki Azalea festival" is held every year in late may, when the trees are in full bloom. Now I always loved Azaleas, but when they flower they are without doubt stunning.


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