Top 10: Flowering Bonsai trees

top10 flowering bonsai

Bonsai trees in full bloom, or bearing fruits, are a spectacular sight. In this article we have listed the 10 most beautiful flowering Bonsai trees.








(#1) Azalea Bonsai in full bloom, by Makoto Tsuji

Flowering bonsai tree

Stunning image of an Azalea Bonsai tree in full bloom, by Makoto Tsuji.




(#2) Bougainvillea by Lorna Toledo

Bougainvillea bonsai in full bloom

Abundant flowers on this massive Bougainvillea Bonsai, by Lorna Toledo. Read more in the Bonsai with flowers article.




(#3) Shohin crabapple by Katsumi Komiya

Crabapple bonsai Komiya

Berries on a Crabapple Bonsai tree, very small size (called Shohin). By: Katsumi Komiya




(#4) Flowering Bonsai, by Wolfgang Putz

Flowering Bonsai, by Wolfgang Putz

This tree is an Azalea species of only 14 cm (5 inches) high. The picture is taken in late spring / early summer, the moment when Azalea trees bloom (shortly, but very vividly!). The tree is planted in a Japanese pot.




(#5) Wisteria bonsai by Heike van Gunst

Wisteria bonsai with flowers

Wisteria Bonsai tree in full bloom, simply spectacular. By: Heike van Gunst




(#6) Apple on Bonsai tree

Apple bonsai tree

"Big apple on a tiny bonsai tree". It looks photoshoped, but it is in fact a real Bonsai. Leaves can grow smaller, but often fruits remain relatively big. Photo by: Flowerstory




(#7) Azalea Bonsai with flowers, by Teunis Jan Klein

Cascade flowering bonsai tree

Not often do we find an Azalea Bonsai in cascade style. The tree has bright flowers. By: Teunis Jan Klein, check his Bonsai artist profile.




(#8) Callicarpa Japonica Bonsai

Callicarpa Japonica bonsai with fruits

Callicarpa Japonica Bonsai, bearing flashy purple fruits. Photo by: Associazione Rock'n'Bonsai.




(#9) A Bougainvillea variety

Orange flowers on bonsai

Bright orange flowers on what seems to be a Bougainvillea variety. By: 睿璿.




(#10) Prunus Mume (Japanese Apricot) by Michael Bonsai

Prunus Mume bonsai tree

A Prunus Mume (Japanese Apricot) with tiny white flowers. Even more significant in Japan is the Cherry blossom Bonsai season. By: Michael Bonsai.




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