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Shohin and Mame Bonsai trees



小品盆栽 & 豆盆栽

Shohin means “a small thing”, indicating it being even smaller than Bonsai. Although no exact rules were ever formulated, a tree is considered to be Shohin when under 25 cm (10’’) tall. Experts believe that you must be able to hold the Shohin tree in one hand, indicating the exact measure of the height of the tree is not strictly important. Mame Bonsai trees are even smaller; under 10 cm (4’’) tall.







Shohin, Mame and Bonsai compared

Shohin and Mame are quite similar to Bonsai, but besides size, differences can also be distinguished in its care guidelines. As pots get smaller more regular watering and fertilizing is required. Another difference can be found in the amount of detail depicted by the trees. Real trees have thousands of leaves and branches, but as size decreases, all the way to the tiny little Mame trees, detail tends to decrease as well. Therefore, Shohin and especially Mame can be thought of as being more idealistic.

Read the article "what is Bonsai" for more insights in size classifications.



Shohin Bonsai tree

Japanese Shohin tree




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