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Care guide for the Magnolia Stellata Bonsai tree

The Star Magnolia is the most common Magnolia used to grow Bonsai trees from. It is a slow grower and it takes several years before the trunk thickens. The Star variant flowers much earlier than most other Magnolia’s, but as the flowers are quite large, this species of tree is only suitable for relatively large Bonsai trees.


Magnolia Bonsai



Specific Bonsai care guidelines for the Magnolia


Position: Magnolia’s prefers lots of sunlight. The tree is hardy; it only needs protection when temperatures drop below -10 degrees C (14F).


Watering: Water the tree regularly, but make sure the soil is not wet for extended periods of time.


Feeding: Fertilize the tree once or twice every month using a standard fertilizer.


Pruning: The tree can be pruned aggressively, but timing is important (mid-summer, after its flowers drop).


Repotting: Repot the tree every two to three years, using a standard soil mixture. Remove up to 20 percent of the roots while repotting.


Propagation: Collecting cuttings in summer is the easiest method to propagate Magnolia’s.




Example of a Magnolia Stellata bonsai tree:

Magnolia stellata bonsai tree




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