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Bonsai tree species and care guides

In this guide we take a closer look into tree-species (also; bonsai tree types) that are often used for growing Bonsai. Each tree species has specific requirements for its cultivation, training and care, so Bonsai tree identification is crucial to take proper care of your tree.

Find your tree below using the overview of deciduous, coniferous and tropical species. The two most popular trees are the Juniper and the Ficus. Try our ID my Tree guide if you need help with identifying your tree species.



Deciduous Bonsai tree species



Ulmus Parviflora / Chinese Elm bonsai

Ulmus Parviflora Bonsai


Zelkova / Japanese Elm bonsai

Zelkova Japanese Elm Bonsai


Wistaria / Wisteria bonsai

Wisteria Bonsai


Acer Buergerianum / Trident Maple bonsai

Acer buergerianum maple Bonsai


Acer Palmatum / Japanese Maple bonsai

Acer Bonsai


Magnolia bonsai

Magnolia Bonsai


Ligustrum / Privet bonsai

Ligustrum Bonsai


Fuchsia bonsai

Fuchsia Bonsai


Buxus / box / boxwood bonsai

Buxus Bonsai


Punica granatum / Pomegranate bonsai

Dwarf Pomegranate Bonsai


Malus / Crabapple bonsai

Crabapple (Malus) bonsai


Carpinus and Fagus / Hornbeam and Beech

Hornbeam and Beech bonsai


Cotoneaster bonsai

Cotoneaster Bonsai

Azalea (Kurume and Satsuki) bonsai / Rhododendron

Azalea satsuki rhododendron bonsai

Celtis / Hackberry bonsai

Celtis (Hackberry) bonsai


Oak / Quercus Bonsai tree

Oak bonsai tree


Money tree Bonsai (Pachira aquatica)

Money tree (Pachira aquatica) bonsai




Coniferous Bonsai species and pines



Juniperus Chinensis / Juniper bonsai

Juniper Bonsai


Pinus / (Black) Pine bonsai

Black pine Pinus Bonsai


Picea / Spruce bonsai

Spruce bonsai


Larix / Larch bonsai

Larch (larix) bonsai


Cedrus / Cedar bonsai

Cedar bonsai


Podocarpus bonsai

Podocarpus bonsai


Taxus / Yew bonsai

Yew bonsai




Tropical and subtropical Bonsai tree types



Serissa / Snowrose bonsai

Serissa Bonsai


Crassula ovata / Jade tree bonsai

Jade Bonsai


Carmona Retusa / Fukien Tea bonsai

Carmona Bonsai


Ficus Retusa / Ficus bonsai

Ficus Bonsai


Sageretia Theezans / Chinese sweet plum bonsai

Sageretia Theezans Bonsai


Bougainvillea Bonsai



Olive / Olea europaea bonsai

Olive bonsai






Bonsai tree types movie





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For tree identification use our Identify my bonsai tree species guide or go to the Bonsai care forum.
General guidelines can be found in our Bonsai care section or in the outdoor & indoor bonsai pages.
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