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Bonsai is an art-form that has been around for thousands of years. Although it's a highly rewarding hobby, too often it is seen as difficult and steeped in tradition. We teach you the basics of Bonsai in this course using video-tutorials, text guides and a quiz. Everything we do is practically oriented; we assist you in growing and styling your very own Bonsai tree.

Eager to grow a Bonsai tree yourself? Stop hesitating and use this course to get a taste of this fascinating hobby! Really, you can do this without any prior knowledge or even green thumbs!

For $29.99 you get unlimited access to the online course, without any recurring fees or hidden costs. Make sure to watch a free lecture in the curriculum below!


  • Master the essential Bonsai techniques
  • Acquire new skills and an understanding of this living art
  • We assist you in growing your very own Bonsai tree
  • Recommended by the American Bonsai Society, and BCI