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Introducing the Bonsai Fundamentals Course, an online tutorial offering unique insights into the fundamental concepts of Bonsai design and techniques. It provides important but often neglected instruction of plant-physiology and Japanese aesthetics, deepening your understanding of the living art of Bonsai.

This expansive online tutorial builds upon the previous courses and takes a more fundamental approach to learning Bonsai techniques. By understanding how hormones and sugars determine plant shape for example, and how Bonsai techniques like fertilizing and pruning impacts these processes, we greatly improve our ability to shape and care for our Bonsai. The Bonsai Fundamentals Course features 22 lessons on plant Physiology, Japanese aesthetics and Design principles in an exciting, easy-to-use platform. Filmed entirely in the beautiful garden of mr. Shinji Suzuki in Japan.

For $54.99 you get unlimited access to the entire online course, without any recurring fees or hidden costs. Make sure to watch a free lecture in the curriculum below!

  • Deepen your understanding of how plants work
  • Learn why, how, and when to apply Bonsai techniques
  • Delve into the aesthetics of Japanese design
  • Recommended by the American Bonsai Society and BCI