About us

Bonsai Empire began as the dream of a young kid (Oscar), who at age fifteen created a simple website about his hobby. This was back in December 2000. Since that time, the website grew to become the online Bonsai platform and community, supported by a group of people that share one vision; connecting through Bonsai.

With the recent increase of interest in Bonsai, and the spread of this hobby across the globe, our vision slowly became reality. Our thirteen languages have a combined reach of millions of visitors a year, with a vibrant and active community as a result. Many experts on Bonsai (and related) topics guest-blog on our website. We create videos about several Bonsai topics. And our active participation at Facebook enabled us to reach and excite even more people through social media.

Don't hesitate to join the discussions on our forum to become a part of Bonsai Empire!


Our vision

Connecting people across the world through a shared passion - Bonsai.


Our mission

Our mission is to build a great community where people can learn about growing Bonsai trees. But more importantly, Bonsai Empire is to be a place where people meet and get excited about the key aspects of Bonsai: harmony, nature and beauty.


Our values

Respect, passion and (a promise to our members) respecting privacy. Feel free to read our privacy policy for more detailed information.