Pests and

Common mistakes in Bonsai care

Like any other living plant, Bonsai trees can be infected by any kind of pest or disease. However, when your plants are healthy and cared for properly, the risk of infection is reduced to a minimum.

Pests and diseases for Bonsai video

Identifying Bonsai pests and diseases

Proper Bonsai care can be summarized as follows: Make sure your trees are potted using the right soil mixture, you understand how and how often to water, you don’t over or under fertilize and your Bonsai is placed right. Although chances of infection of healthy trees are low, of course they can still get infected.

As it is often hard to identify the problem correctly you might want to take pictures and ask for help at our Bonsai forum. These are some of the most common problems people experience with their Bonsai trees:

Aphids on a bonsai tree
Spider mites on a Bonsai tree
Spider mites.
Mealy bugs on a Bonsai tree
Mealy bugs.
Vine weevils on a Bonsai tree
Vine weevils.
Scales on a Bonsai tree
Scale insects.
Caterpillar on a Bonsai tree
Ants on a Bonsai tree

Master the art of Bonsai

Master the art of Bonsai
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