Using quality tools and getting the right Bonsai book will help you a lot. Important tools include a twig shear with a long handle, and a concave cutter. As for books; there are literally hundreds of books available. We help you pick the right one for your level.

Bonsai tools

A quick guide to selecting quality tools and Bonsai books that will help you succeed in growing and caring for your Bonsai.

Proper equipment is very important for the training and care of Bonsai trees. You must be able to execute accurate cuts on the trees, with a special profile and clean, even edges.

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Bonsai courses

With the thousands of Bonsai books available for purchase, a shortlist of recommended books is essential to help you decide which one to buy. We have selected books in five categories (ebooks, beginner, intermediate and advanced level, and magazines) that we believe are good choices.

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When you're just getting started you'll have lots of questions about the art of Bonsai, the techniques involved, and what tree species to select.

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