Ever since we started this website 15 years ago, it has been our goal to serve as an educational platform and to share the fascinating world of Bonsai with you.

So we couldn't think of a better way to celebrate our birthday then to let you ask questions to a respected team of international Bonsai experts. We have received hundreds of questions last month, and throughout December we are publishing the answers.


The answers

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Meet the experts

From Asia and Oceania

Kunio Kobayashi Taiga Urushibata Masashi Hirao Robert Steven ThanunLindsay Farr


From Europe

David Benavente Mauro Stemberger Marco Invernizzi Luis Vallejo Peter Warren Teunis Jan Klein Yannick Kiggen Michael Tran JP HoareauTony TickleWalter PallAlexandre Escudero Frederic ChenalWill Baddeley Valentin Brose


From Northern and Southern America

Ryan Neil Bjorn Bjorholm Michael Hagedorn Boon William ValavanisGerman ArellanoPedro Morales



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