Ever since we started Bonsai Empire almost 20 years ago, it has been our goal to serve as an educational platform and to share the fascinating world of Bonsai with you.

This December Bonsai Empire turns 20. We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate our birthday then to let you ask questions to a respected team of international Bonsai experts. We'll select the questions and ask the experts to answer these on video.

The experts who have agreed to participate are: Kunio Kobayashi, Koji Hiramatsu, Thanhtam, Robert Steven, Bill Valavanis, Bjorn Bjorholm, Michael Hagedorn, Ryan Neil, Jonas Dupuich, Teunis Jan Klein, Peter Warren, Walter Pall, Mauro Stemberger, Harry Harrington, Morten Albek, Marija Hajdic, Heike van Gunst, Tony Tickle, Nik Rozman, Rafael torres, Nacho Marin, Mac Donald, Peter Chan, Tony Bebb and Sergio Luciani.


Submit your question

You can ask any question you might have to the experts. For example about Bonsai care, or styling techniques. Feel free to address your question to a specific expert, though we can't guarantee they will indeed answer it. We expect many question to be submitted, so we ask for your understanding that not all questions can be answered!

Questions can be submitted until October 31st.

Click here to submit your question.


Answers by the experts

The experts film their answers from their gardens. The resulting video-answers will be published on our YouTube channel early December, make sure to enroll to our newsletter to be notified.



Some of Bonsai Empire's recent highlights

In the past 20 years we had some unique opportunities to share knowledge or simply inspirational trees. These are some of the projects we are most proud of.



Kimura Masterclass

Perhaps our biggest milestone for 2020 was the publication of an online course taught by world renowned Bonsai master Masahiko Kimura.


Tokoname documentary

Our recent documentary on Bonsai ceramics (filmed in Japan) is nearing 300k views - if you haven't seen it yet make sure to watch this very relaxing film here!

DIY Bonsai

Bonsai DIY tutorial

YouTube is one of the key channels to share our Bonsai passion on, one tutorial is particularly popular with over 8 million views, click here to watch it!

World Bonsai Convention

World Bonsai Convention

We visited many Bonsai events and exhibitions, but the World Bonsai Convention held in Japan in 2017 stood out... Watch our report here.