Bonsai Empire turns 20!

Ever since we started Bonsai Empire almost 20 years ago, it has been our goal to serve as an educational platform and to share the fascinating world of Bonsai with you.

This December Bonsai Empire turns 20. We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate our birthday then to let you ask questions to a respected team of international Bonsai experts. We've selected the questions and asked the experts to answer these on video.

Answers by the experts

The experts have all filmed their answers from their gardens. The videos will be posted on our youTube channel, one video per day the entire month December. This is the schedule:

Dec 4th - Bjorn Bjorholm
When you style a new Bonsai, how do you decide what branch to keep and which ones to prune?

Dec 5th - Peter Chan
How can I style and improve my Ficus bonsai over time?

Dec 6th - Heike van Gunst
Selecting the right Bonsai pot for a Bonsai

Dec 7th - Michael Hagedorn
How does grafting work on Bonsai, and can I graft a JWP?

Dec 8th - Tony Tickle
How can I style and shape my Bonsai with only pruning?

Dec 9th - Sergio Luciani
Finding the live vein on a Bonsai

Dec 10th - Peter Warren
Do you measure the pH of your water and/or soil?

Dec 11th - Jonas Dupuich
How can I grow a Bonsai from seed?

Dec 12th - Kunio Kobayashi
Where do you see the future of Bonsai heading?

Dec 13th - Robert Steven
How do I style, and care for, Premna bonsai?

Dec 14th - Koji Hiramatsu
How can I style a black pine Bonsai?

Dec 15th - Rafael Torres
How should I care for, and style my Olive bonsai?

Dec 16th - Harry Harrington
How is the development of Deciduous Bonsai different from Conifers?

Dec 17th - Nik Rozman
How do you get a show worthy Bonsai from a Yamadori (collected tree)?

Dec 18th - Morten Albek
Shohin Bonsai care and styling

Dec 19th - Walter Pall
How can I develop a thick trunk on my Bonsai?

Dec 20th - Lili Tello Ortiz
What are the popular tree species in Central and South America?

Dec 21st - Bonsai Thanhtam
What is the typical Vietnamese style Bonsai?

Dec 22nd - Tony Bebb
What are the popular tree species in Australia?

Dec 23rd - Nacho Marin
Modern or Traditional Bonsai

Dec 24th - Marija Hajdic
How do you make big bends in branches, or even on the trunk?

Dec 25th - Bill Valavanis
What are the growth stages of Maples?

Dec 26th - Teunis Jan Klein
How do you style, maintain and care for Azalea Bonsai?

Dec 27th - Luis Villa
When styling a Bonsai from nursery material, how do I decide what branches to cut?

Dec 28th - Ryan Neil
How should I overwinter my Bonsai, without having a greenhouse in my garden?

Dec 29th - Mauro Stemberger
How do you prevent pests from infecting Bonsai, or how do you treat a tree if it is infected?

Watch these videos on our youTube channel.

Some of Bonsai Empire's recent highlights

In the past 20 years we had some unique opportunities to share knowledge or simply inspirational trees. These are some of the projects we are most proud of.


Kimura Masterclass

Perhaps our biggest milestone for 2020 was the publication of an online course taught by world renowned Bonsai master Masahiko Kimura.


Tokoname documentary

Our recent documentary on Bonsai ceramics (filmed in Japan) is nearing 300k views - if you haven't seen it yet make sure to watch this very relaxing film: Tokoname pots>!

DIY Bonsai

Bonsai DIY tutorial

YouTube is one of the key channels to share our Bonsai passion on, one tutorial is particularly popular with over 8 million views, click here to watch it!

World Bonsai Convention

World Bonsai Convention

We visited many Bonsai events and exhibitions, but the World Bonsai Convention held in Japan in 2017 stood out... Watch our report here.

Master the art of Bonsai

Master the art of Bonsai
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Master the art of Bonsai

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Master the art of Bonsai

Master the art of Bonsai
Overview of our courses

Master the art of Bonsai

Online Bonsai Courses Learn from leading Bonsai experts at your own pace, from the comfort of your living room!