On our YouTube channel we're posting videos about Bonsai techniques on a regular base. A few of these videos are shared in this blog post, showing several free lectures on advanced Bonsai techniques.

Enjoy these videos! More will be added on a weekly base.



This is a free lecture from our Advanced Bonsai Course. The teacher, Bjorn Bjorholm, studied Bonsai art for over six years in Japan. He explains the nuances of heavy bending and Juniper Bonsai design in this lecture.


In this advanced styling we design a stunning Olive Bonsai tree (Olea sylvestris). It was collected in Mallorca, Spain, a few years before this video was shot. The work was done by Rafael Torres and Bjorn Bjorholm.



In this advanced demo we design a large 'Sabina Juniper' Bonsai tree. It was collected in the mountains of Spain about four years prior to this styling.