Bonsai trees can grow very old, and it takes years (even decades) to create a full grown tree. Paul Finch did something amazing, he created an Artificial Bonsai that looks so incredibly real that I still can't believe it's fake!



The artificial Bonsai tree

Artificial Bonsai

Can't believe it's fake! This tree looks incredibly realistic, even from close-up.


How the 'fake Bonsai' was made

Creating an artificial Bonsai this big takes a lot of work. We first need a Bonsai pot and then we create the trunk out of clay. The trunk is shaped and then the branch structure is created using wire. Below you will see a few shots of the process.


Creating the fake bonsai from clay

Making the trunk, out of clay.


Production of the artificial bonsai

Work on the trunk is almost finished, and the main branch structure is prepared.



Almost done

Work on the trunk is finished; it looks very elegant and real. Paul Finch just started work on the foliage here to finish his artificial bonsai.