On our Facebook page we regularly share interesting progressions (before and after shots of Bonsai trees being styled). I find these shots very interesting as it shows how much a skilled artist can do to design a Bonsai tree, often in just hours work. In this post I share 18 great examples.




Small leaved yamadori elm 2008


Elm bonsai 2014

Small leaved yamadori elm 2008-2014 by Andrei Darusenkov.


Gabriel Romero bonsai


Juniperus Sabina bonsai

Juniperus Sabina by Gabriel Romero, 2012-2015.


Juniperus Sargentii bonsai


Salvatore Liporace bonsai

Juniperus Sargentii, styled by Salvatore Liporace. Tree by Zezao.


Pine bonsai by Pavel Slovak


Pavel Slovak bonsai

Pine Bonsai, the original tree in 2011 and the styled Bonsai tree in 2015. By Pavel Slovák.


Pistacia Lentiscus


Marija and Andrija bonsai

Pistacia lentiscus (Mastic tree) by Marija and Andrija. The tree was collected in 2009, the styled tree photo was taken in 2014. More photos here.


Jarek Lenarcyk bonsai


White pine (goyomatsu) bonsai

White pine (Goyomatsu) by Jarek Lenarczyk, a great transformation.


Tomaz Kovsca bonsai


Picea Abies bonsai

A Picea Abies, 2012 - 2015. Good example of how relatively simple material (this was collected in nature, but similar trees are available at garden centers) can turn out to be great Bonsai material. Work by Tomaž Kovšca‎.


Carpinus Betulus


Roland Petek bonsai

The progression of a Carpinus Betulus, collected in nature, by Roland Petek (2010-2014).


Hawthorn by Tony Tickle


Hawthorn bonsai

Hawthorn by Tony Tickle, it took 18 years to develop the tree from collected material to an exhibition ready Bonsai. Check his blog for more photos here.


Willi Panell bonsai


Brazilian Rain tree bonsai

Brazilian Rain Tree by Willi Panell (2011 - 2015).


El Tim Bonsai


Taxus bonsai

Taxus bonsai by El Tim Bonsai.


Linden tree bonsai


Marco Merschel‎ bonsai

Linden tree (2009-2014) by Marco Merschel‎.


Juniperus procumbens bonsai


Juniper by Mauro Stemberger

Juniperus procumbens by Mauro Stemberger.


Cupressus Sempervirens


Bonsai by Bruno Proietti Tocca

Cupressus Sempervirens by Bruno Proietti Tocca.


Beackea Frutescens bonsai


Bonsai by Matyie Che Makhtar

Beackea Frutescens by Matyie Che Makhtar.


Ian Young bonsai


Escallonia bonsai

Escallonia tree by Ian Young, 2001 to 2015. Check his blog for more photos here.



Nik Rozman bonsai


Azalea bonsai by Nik Rozman

Azalea progression by Nik Rozman, 2008-2014.


Yannick Kiggen bonsai


Juniperus yamadori bonsai

Yamadori Juniper by Yannick Kiggen, 2007-2013. Pot: Antique Chinese.