Bonsai events

Yearly events, exhibitions and shows

In this article we attempt to create an overview of all the Bonsai events held yearly, worldwide. The dates shown here are those of past years, so these will vary slightly over the years.

Attending a Bonsai show is a great way to learn more about this fascinating art, and often specialized shops set up stands selling tools, trees and pots. Don't forget to note local events in your agenda!

Bonsai events in January

California Aiseki Kai 22nd Annual Show
(27th of December 2011 - 2nd of January 2012)
The Aiseki Kai Annual Show is a Suiseki exhibition organized by the California Aiseki Kai Club. A great show for Suiseki enthusiasts!
The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens, 1151 Oxford Road, San Marino, USA, CA 91108

37th Gafu-Ten
(5th - 8th of January 2012)
This big event is held for the 37th time now and it’s one of the most famous Bonsai exhibitions in the world. There are about 200 Bonsai displays made from selected Bonsai from all over Japan and these will be exhibited. There is also a big sales area. Fee is 800 yen (about $10,50).
International Exhibition Hall “Miyako Messe”, Kyoto, Japan

Bay Island Annual Bonsai Exhibit
(14th - 15th of January 2012)
Exhibition organized by the Bay Island Bonsai Club. It's a yearly exhibition and there are always great Bonsai to see. There is also an auction held on Saturday.
Oakland Lakeside Garden Center, 666 Bellevue Avenue, Oakland, California

Noelanders Trophy XIII
(21st - 22nd of January 2012)
Noelanders Trophy (some photo's of previous years are in the Gallery under the 'shows and exhibitions' section) is an exhibition in Belgium where dozens of top Bonsai from all over Europe will be exhibited. These trees are selected from all registrations. Also there is a sales area with tools, pots and pre-Bonsai and there are demo's of famous artists like Ryan Neil (USA) and Mauro Stemberger (IT). A visit worth!
Centrum voor Duurzaam Bouwen, Marktplein 1, Heusden-Zolder, Belgium

Bay Area 31st Annual Bonsai Exhibition
(28th - 29th of January 2012)
Bay Area associates for the 31st time their annual Bonsai exhibition. Their will be a plant sale inclusive related items such as pots, books, soil, wire, tools etc. Also there is a Bonsai demonstration by Ryan Neil on Saturday 6:30 PM.
Oakland Lakeside Garden Center, 666 Bellevue Avenue, Oakland, California
For more information contact John Roehl at bigbluemoon (at) or 707-827-3206

Bonsai events in February

California Shohin Seminar 2012
(3rd - 5th of February 2012)
Every 2 years the California Shohin Seminar is held. The 2012 Shohin Seminar will include a shohin display, vendors of Bonsai material, workshops, demonstrations, presentations etc. A very good (and nice!) way to learn more about bonsai!
>Hotel de Oro Conference Center, Santa Nella, California

10th Swindon Bonsai Winter Show
(19th of February 2012)
The 10th Swindon Bonsai Winter Show is organized by The Swindon & District Bonsai Society. Because it's the 10th anniversary of this exhibition there will be a special exhibition section organized in conjunction with the British Shohin Association (BSA). This section will feature a top class Shohin and Mame Bonsai display show and an exhibition with top-class Shohin and Mame Bonsai. The Shohin & Mame exhibits in the competition will contain only displays, with at least 2 trees. Also there will be a hall with demonstrations and lectures and there will be a wide variety of Bonsai traders. All in all it'll promise a great event!
>The Stratton Community Centre, Grange Drive, Swindon, UK, SN3 4JY

86th Kokufu-Ten
(3rd - 10th of theary 2012)
The famous Kokufu-Ten is held every February in Japan. It's probably the most famous Bonsai exhibition in the world. The highest quality of Bonsai from all over Japan compete for a place at the Kokufu-Ten. There are about 300 Bonsai exhibited in a beautiful setting. The Bonsai Market is open at Ueno Green Club near the museum. So when you're in Japan that time, I would visit it. It's 200% worth it!
Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan

1st Tokai Miyabi-Ten
(24th - 26th of February 2012)
This is the first year the Tokai Miyabi-Ten is organized. The exhibition is open on Friday and Saturday from 09:00 till 16:30 and Sunday from 9:00 till 16:00. It's a Bonsai exhibition in Japan, there will be a Bonsai exhibition of course and many Bonsai sales shops. I can't tell too much about it, because it's new, but I'm sure it'll be great!
Shonai Ryokuchi Green Plaza, Nagoya, Japan

GSBF bonsai-A-Thon XVI
(25th - 26th of February 2012)
The Golden State Bonsai Federation bonsai-A-Thon is a Bonsai exhibition and the main fundraiser for the GSBF. A Bonsai exhibition, a tour hosted by Jim Folsom (Director of the Garden), demonstrations, a sales area and many more will be featured. And the entry is free, what do you want more?!
The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens, 1151 Oxford Road, San Marino, USA, CA 91108.

Bonsai events in March

New Zealand National Bonsai Convention
(2nd - 4th of March 2012)
New Zealand Bonsai Association organizes the New Zealand National Bonsai Convention this March. There will be demonstrations, a Bonsai exhibition, a talent competition and more. For people who need to come far, there's a lot to do around Dunedin. From nature, seeing penguins and seals, to culture, and there's a beautiful Chinese Garden in Dunedin!
Dunedy Rugby Club, Moana Rua Road, St Clair, Dunedin, New Zealand

6th BSA Annual Show
(10th - 11th of March 2012)
This is a Shohin, Mame and Chuhin show and is organized by the British Shohin Association (BSA) every year. The trees will be all displayed individually or as a full composition. For people who want to participate but think their tree is not show worthy there is something special made. You can bring them along and under guidance of Peter Warren and John Armitage they will be prepared for the show and will be displayed as a part of a larger composition or as an individual tree in a special display area. There will be demo's, lectures and many more things to do!
Willowbog Farm, Wark, Hexham, Northumberland, NE48 3EF, UK

Lodder Bonsai Open House 2012
(10th - 11th of March 2012)
Lodder Bonsai (founded in 1965) is one of the biggest Bonsai shops of Europe, which sells inside and outdoor Bonsai. Bonsai material (pots, wire etc.) and Japanese garden trees. Once in a year there is an open house, organized by Lodder Bonsai BV and the local Bonsai studio Hoka-En Bonsai. There will be demonstrations, a Bonsai exhibition and workshops. Also famous potters will participate to the event. Also there will be other japanese artistic forms like Ikebana and Suiseki. Come and see!
Lodder Bonsai BV, Hugo de Vriesweg 1, 3481 JA Harmelen, The Netherlands

LCBS Annual Exhibit
(23rd - 24th of March 2012)
Lake Charles Bonsai Society presents the LCBS Annual Exhibit 2012. There will be great trees displayed in a nice environment and there will be demonstrations and a sales area. On their (underneath) are some pictures of previous years, so take a look!
SWLA Garden Fest, Burton Coliseum, 7001 Gulf Hwy., Lake Charles, Los Angeles, USA

20th Shunga-Ten
(23rd - 25th of March 2012)
The Shunga-Ten is one of Japan's main Shohin exhibitions. It's a yearly event organized by the All Japan Shohin-Bonsai Association (AJSBA). There are 110 displays, workshops and there will be a big sales corner. We have an article on our about the Shunga-Ten with some more information. The Shunga-Ten is a must to visit for all Bonsai (and especially Shohin) fans!
Mizu-no-Yakata, Tsurumi-Ryokuchi Park, Osaka, Japan

Bonsai events in April

35 years Flemish Bonsai Society
(6th - 15th of April 2012)
Because the Flemish Bonsai Society exists 35 years (1977-2012), they organize a special exhibition in 2012. There will be a Bonsai exhibition, a master demonstration on Saturday (7th of April), an open master workshop on Sunday (8th of April), more workshops on other days and demonstrations on Saturday and Sunday (14th and 15th of April). An event with a lot to do!
National Botanic Garden of Belgium, Meise, Belgium

55th California Bonsai Society Convention and Show
(11th - 15th of April 2012)
There will be first a reception at the Huntington Library on April 11th honoring John Naka's 'Iron Men': Frank Goya, Harry Hirao, Shig Miya, Ben Oki and Richard Ota. There will be an exhibition, workshops, demonstrations from Tomohiro Masui, Ryan Neil, Kenji Miyata Kathy Shaner and the 'Iron Men', auctions, lectures, drawings and a huge vendor area. Sure worth to visit!
Crowne Plaza, Anaheim Resort, 12021 Harbor Boulevard, Garden Grove, California, USA Contact: Larry Ragle crimescene (at) for more information

15th International Bonsai. Suiseki and Tea Exhibition
(19th - 22nd of April 2012)
Now for the 15th time, the International Bonsai. Suiseki and Tea exhibition will be held in Slovakia. There's a full program of a Bonsai exhibition, demonstrations, tea ceremonies, music, workshops and more! So 4 days cultural experience!
Čajovňa Dobrých L’udí, Pri synagóge 3, Nitra, Slovakia

29th Mid-Atlantic Bonsai Societies Spring Festival
(20th - 22nd of April 2012)
The Mid-Atlantic Bonsai Societies Spring festival will be held from Friday till Sunday and there will be a lot of things to do. There will be demonstrations by Isao Omachi (Japan), Mario Komsta (Spain) and John Thompson (USA) and a vendor area offering a large selection of Bonsai. tools, books and other Bonsai related-items. There will be lectures, workshops, oh and of course a beautiful Bonsai exhibition! Special for people who come far away, the organization have arranged hotel rooms at the Harrisburg-Hershey hotel. Be sure to visit!
The Holiday Inn Harrisburg-Hershey hotel, 604 Station Rd., Grantville, PA 17028, USA

50 years Anniversary Bonsai Show
(21st of April 2012)
The Phoenix Bonsai Society is going to celebrate their 50's anniversary with a Bonsai show in April. They will display established Bonsai Trees and trees under development to illustrate how the art of Bonsai is created. In addition to Bonsai trees, the society will display Suiseki, and kusamono plantings. Demonstrations will be presented during the day. Free entry, if your near, write it in your agenda!
Valley Garden Center, 1809 North 15th Ave, Phoenix Arizona, 85007, USA

Lone Star Bonsai Federation Convention
(27th - 29th of April 2012)
The Bonsai Society of Dallas organizes again the LSBF Convention. They've a great site with a lot of information, so I don't say too much about it. There will be 11 workshops, 5 demonstrations, 2 lectures, there will be a big exhibit area, vendors, auctions and more! Guests artists are Kathy Shaner, Michael Hagedorn and Ryan Neil. It's a great event with many things to do, you won't be bored when you're there!
Sheraton Dallas North Hotel, Dallas, Texas, USA

Bonsai events in May

ABFF Convention
(8th - 11th of May 2012)
The Asian Bonsai Friendship Federation (ABFF) is the first Bonsai club in the Philippines. They organize this year a big exhibition with more than 500 trees. The Natural Stone Society of the Philippines (NSSP) will also join the event with Suiseki. There will also be lectures, workshops and demo's. That sounds promising!
Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, Philippines

XXVIII EBA & ESA Convention
(11th - 13th of May 2012)
The European Bonsai Association (EBA) and European Suiseki Association (ESA) Convention is an annual international exhibition of Bonsai and Suiseki. Every year it is organized by a different EBA member country and is hosted by the local Bonsai organizations. This year it's held by the Slovenian Bonsai club. There is a big program : A New Talent Contest with participants from all over the world, Kevin Willson (UK) and Salvatore Liporace (IT) will demonstrate their Bonsai skills, a very big area with Bonsai material for purchase. This is a very big event, with visitors from all around the world, it's a big worth to visit! See photo's from last years (2010 and 2011) on our site.
Hotel Mons, Pot Na Brdo 4, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

25th AABC National Bonsai Convention
(18th - 21st of May 2012)
Bonsai Northwest have organized for the 25th time the AABC National Bonsai Convention. Many things to do like enjoying all the displayed Bonsai. participate to the tour, which will take you to different beautiful places like Bonsai art nursery and the Botanical Garden, participate to the workshops and demonstrations from Boon Manakitivipart and others. Come and see it!
Rydges Bell City Hotel, 215 Bell Street, Preston (Melbourne), VIC 3072, Australia

Bonsai Bundesausstellung 2012
(19th - 20th of May 2012)
Bonsai Bundesausstellung is organized by Bonsai Club Deutschland (BCD). The best Bonsai of the members of the BCD will be displayed. Bonsai vendors from and outside Germany will sell Bonsai related material, and will inform you more about this fascinating art. There are demonstrations by famous Bonsai artists, like Uli Ernst and Udo Fischer. There's a lot to do during the event, it promises to be once again a great event!
Cloef-Atrium, Alfred-Becker-Straße, 66693 Mettlach-Orscholz, Deutschland

Midwest Bonsai Society Spring Show
(19th - 20th of May 2012)
The Midwest Bonsai Society Spring Show is held in May every year. Every time, there's a new theme like the theme 'Educational' in 2011 where all members display trees in various stages of styling. All Bonsai displayed are from members of the Midwest Bonsai Society. There are demonstrations, workshops, auctions and more! This show is less bigger than their August show (Annual Mid-America Bonsai Exhibit), but a visit worth though!
Chicago Botanical Garden, 1000 Lake Cook Road, Glencoe, IL 60022, USA

BSF 2012 Convention
(25th - 28th of May 2012)
The BSF stands for Bonsai Societies of Florida and is founded in 1973. The BSF 2012 is promising to be a great event with a beautiful exhibition (see pictures of previous years on their site!), demonstrations from Ryan Neil, Peter Warren and more! There will also be the Florida Teaching Booth where you can consult on a new purchase, a pot selection and or a tree from your collection and you can participate to some workshops. Without no doubt it will be a great bonsai-weekend!
Wyndham Orlando Resort, 8001 International Drive, Orlando, Florida 32819, USA

Magical Bonsai Accents Exhibition 2012
(27th of May 2012)
In this exhibition accent plants in all of their various stages as well as all of the other accoutrements that accompany a Bonsai display will be exhibited. The Magical Bonsai Accents was the idea of some UK Bonsai enthusiasts, and it will include a feast of Bonsai related accent items like kusamono, Kokedama, shitakusa, Suiseki, hanging scrolls, mini bronze sculptures and other figurines, accent plants, accent pots, display tables etc. This is a very special exhibition, maybe the only one in Europe, so be sure to visit it if you like these items!
Failand Village Hall, Ox House Lane, Bristol, North Somerset BS9 3UL, UK

Bonsai events in June

Bonsai Exhibition Delft
(2nd - 3rd of June 2012)
The Bonsai Exhibition in Delft (Bonsai van het Westen) is an event that was held for the first time in 2007. The 6th edition will be held in 2012 and there will be a very good exhibition, and other oriental activities such as Ikebana and Tai chi. A great event for everyone living in the Netherlands and outside!
Botanical Garden Delft, Poortlandplein 5, 2628 BC Delft, The Netherlands

British Columbia Canada B.C. Bonsai Society Show
(3rd of June 2012)
An annual exhibition organized by the BC Bonsai Society. With a good exhibition and demonstrations and workshops the event is complete!
George Preston Civi Center, 20699 42nd. Ave. Langley, BC V3A 3B1, Canada

3rd US National Bonsai Exhibition
(9th - 10th of June 2012)
The US National Bonsai Exhibition is a very big event, where people from all around the world come to. There are wonderful Bonsai displayed from across the expansive United States. Very different species of trees will be displayed, from tropical trees from the Southern regions, to refined deciduous Bonsai from the Northeast. With a big vendors area and various demonstrations, the exhibition is complete. For everyone who loves Bonsai a great event to visit!

The Fair Expo Center, Rochester, New York, USA
ABS/BCI Convention 2012
(21st - 24th of June 2012)
The ABS/BCI Convention stands for American Bonsai Society/Bonsai Club International Convention and is hosted this year by the Rocky Mountain Bonsai Society. With a full program; tours, stone collecting adventures, entertainment, seminars, workshops and demonstrations featuring wild collected trees from the area and well as other materials. Also there are many vendors, guest artists like Marc Noelanders and Ryan Neil and an exhibition with high-quality Bonsai from all around the world. There's plenty to do and plenty to see, so be sure to be there if you can!
Denver Marriott Tech Center, 4900 S. Syracuse Street, Denver, CO 80237, USA

Bonsai events in July


Bonsai events in August

35th Annual Mid-America Bonsai Exhibit
(17th - 19th of August 2012)
Many years ago the first Mid-America Bonsai Exhibit was organized. Now in 2012, centered on the Chicago Botanical Garden's permanent collection featuring almost 50 world-class trees the 35th exhibitions will be held. Bonsai enthusiasts from different states will display their trees at the exhibition. This year guest master Peter Warren will join the event. Along with the fabulous display of regional trees, there are over a dozen of vendors, workshops, demonstrations and an auction! What do you want more?
Chicago Botanical Garden, 1000 Lake Cook Road, Glencoe, IL 60022, USA

Bonsai in Wales 2012
(26th - 27th of August 2012)
Bonsai in Wales is an exhibition where some of the best trees in the country will be displayed. The exhibition will be held in a beautiful 17th century mansion and is easy to access with car. Demonstrations will be held by Kevin Willson and his Yamadori School of Bonsai. There will be traders for all your Bonsai needs. For people who come by far there's a big choice of hotels near the exhibition!
Tredegar House, Newport, South Wales NP10 8YW, UK

Bonsai events in September

Pacific Northwest CA 2012 Bonsai Convention
(14th - 16th of September 2012)
The PNBCA 2012 Bonsai Convention is hosted by the Bonsai Society of Portland. This year the theme is 'Imagine & Create', an invitation to expand your vision and dexterity. There are many activities to engage your imagination and hone your skills, whether your a beginner or a professional. With demonstrations among others as Marco Invernizzi (IT) and Peter Warren (UK). The demo trees will be auctioned Saturday night! There are also workshops for everyone who's interested, there will be a big vendors area for all your needs and the finest trees from the Pacific Northwest will be exhibited. So learn to see a tree's possibilities from internationally recognized Bonsai masters, improve your techniques and turn your vision into reality at the 2012 PNBCA!
Hilton Hotel, W. 6th Street, Vancouver, WA 98660, USA

The Crespi Bonsai Cup 10th edition
(14th - 23rd of September 2012)
The Crespi Cup is an international Bonsai event held every 2 years. There are three cups: one for Bonsai. one for Suiseki and one for Pots. This year it's their anniversary, 10th edition, 20 years on the international scene. The first weekend is for Bonsai amateurs and the second weekend for Bonsai professionals. The second one is the most important. Guests will be: Huang Jiu Wei and Liu Chunan Gang (China) and Takeo Kawabe (Japan). Of course many other activities will be proposed as demonstrations, lectures etc. A great event for everyone interested in Bonsai. Suiseki, or Bonsai Pots!
Crespi Bonsai. Corso Sempione 35, 20015 San Lorenzo, Milan, Italy

Bonsai events in October


Bonsai events in November

Louisiana Bonsai Society's Annual Fall Exhibit
(3rd - 4th of November 2012)
The Louisiana Bonsai Society's Annual Fall exhibition is a great exhibition with fine Bonsai displayed. It's a good exhibition with many activities such as demonstrations and lectures (each day at 2:00). A very good exhibition for everyone living near!
The Baton Rouge Garden Center, 7950 Independence Boulevard, LA 70806-6414, USA

Bonsai events in December


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