Bonsai trees come in all tree-species, sizes, shapes and... prices. Ranging from a few dollars for a small and young plant to one plant that sold for over a million dollars in Japan!

In this post I add a few examples of expensive Bonsai trees. You might wonder; "what makes a bonsai tree expensive?" - the price of a Bonsai depends on its age and aesthetic qualities, like a thick trunk with natural taper and fine ramification.



Most expensive bonsai tree

The most expensive Bonsai tree: A centuries old Pine, sold for 1.3 million dollar at the International Bonsai Convention in Takamatsu, Japan.


Another expensive bonsai tree

Another expensive Bonsai tree, for sale at around 90.000 dollar. Image courtesy by S-Cube.



Expensive bonsai pot

Not a Bonsai tree, but a very expensive antique Bonsai pot: for sale at 150.000 dollar. Image courtesy by S-Cube.


A 350k Bonsai tree