This post shows the remarkable creation of a small Bonsai landscape, by Joe Selworthy. It consists of a single tree (a maple) and a hedge (cotoneaster trees). Together with added moss the resulting miniature looks stunning!



Acer bonsai in the landscape

The first step; placing the Maple bonsai in the container. A wall of 50/50 mix of peat and cow manure mixed together to make the 'wall'.


Cotoneasters for the hedge

The cotoneaster plants ready to be placed. This is how I created the "hedge" . Seedlings grown from the fruits of one of my regular cotoneaster bonsai.


Landscape Bonsai

Planting the hedge.


Landscape Bonsai with hedges

All the trees are placed, now they will need to grow more dense in the next few seasons.


Landscape Bonsai

Six years later... The cotoneaster hedge (grown from seed) with a deshojo maple and a style with sleeping cat. The "accent" placed in front of it is a wee painted bronze wren waiting for the cat to leave so that it can go to its nest in the hedge!