Michael started Bonsai at age 15, which eventually led to an apprenticeship under master Shinji Suzuki. He spend several years in Japan learning about Bonsai. after which he returned to the United States to start his own garden.

In this article we share several photos of the tranquil and absolutely wonderful Bonsai garden of Michael Hagedorn, as well as a video we made when we visited him. Enjoy!



A few photos of Michael's garden

Watering Bonsai trees

Michael watering his Bonsai trees.


Shohin bonsai trees

In his garden you'll find several large and chunky trees, as well as very refined Shohin.


Bonsai masterpiece

The entrance of the garden; some absolute masterpiece trees welcome you!


Japanese maple after watering

Two great trees on plastic slabs. Michael talks about the tree on the right in the video below!



Video of Michael Hagedorn's Bonsai garden


We thank Michael Hagedorn for having us over in his Bonsai garden in Portland! Visit his blog here.