Emre Ozberk had a fascination for Bonsai trees. But at some point, he started to focus not on the tree, but on the empty space around it. The beginning of a great new hobby, creating miniature gardens around Bonsai trees.

 “As I started to try making my own Bonsai I was fascinated by the space around these little trees. And so I started to handcraft little wooden model, making this amazing space more visible. This was the beginning of our little gardens. My main effort is mostly about designing this little space rather than concentrating on the trees to reach a perfection on them. The first gardens are designed in the food bowls of our cat "Paspas" who gave our gardens' its name”. Photos by Deniz Basar Erol.



Miniature garden with a boxwood

A buxus Bonsai tree and a simple garden around it. Notice the stepping stones and the great little table!




thanks Bonsai Empire

Great detail huh? ;-)


Miniature bonsai garden


From above


Bonsai and a fence

Another landscape, with a white fence.


Great Bonsai tree

The color on the tree is great, notice the mini fruits on the grass!



Red chair and Bonsai


Rain on Bonsai chair


Bonsai swing