We have seen realistic miniature landscapes before, but this particular one really stands out. It consists of a traditional Vietnamese farmhouse, two small Bonsai trees and outer walls.

Its creator is still unknown to us, but most likely a local farmer from the Bắc Ninh area in Vietnam made it. Making the bricks, tiles, doors and window-frames must have been an incredible amount of work.

The landscape revolves around a central courtyard, made of terracotta tiles, that one enters through a traditional Vietnamese gate. The farmhouse is made up of bricks and a roof of terracotta tiles. Notice how the paint is weathered, adding to the overall realism. And finally, two beautiful Bonsai trees are planted on both sides of the farmhouse.



Miniature landscape

The amount of detail makes this miniature design look incredibly realistic. Notice the faded paint, the color of the wooden doors and the brickwork.


Miniature landscape

The creator of the miniature landscape is unknown to us, most likely it was made by a farmer from Bắc Ninh, but Mr. Toàn (on the photo) made the photos. We do know the design was displayed at the Hải Phòng Bonsai show in Vietnam.


closeup of the Bonsai tree

A closeup of the Bonsai tree, a small leaved variety of Ficus. The twisted trunk and branches add to the realistic miniaturization of the tree.


Miniature landscape with Bonsai tree

The amount of work that went into all this must have been huge; even closeup photos reveal not a single error.


Miniature interior

This photo reveals some of the interiors of the house.


Miniature farm from above

This photo is taken from above, giving us a chance to look at the tiles and floors of the miniature landscape.


Ulmus Bonsai in the landscape

The second tree in the landscape seems to be an Ulmus or Ash variety.



Miniature landscape in Vietnam

Another miniature landscape...


Miniature landscape, with Bonsai added

And a view at eye-level. Wonderful...


Via: Hải Phòng and Yeah1, photos by Mr. Toàn.