This year's Noelanders Trophy was held at a new location; bigger, more spacious and simply better. The trees on display were of outstanding quality and at least 5 trees reached the level of almost-perfection. Selecting the winner must have been difficult for this year's demonstrators; Ryan Neil, Salvatore Liporace and Seok Ju Kim.

The winning tree was an absolutely stunning Pinus Pentaphylla (Japanese Five needle pine), by Andres Alvarez Iglesias (styling by Mario Komsta). Watch the video below for an overview of the Bonsai trees displayed at the exhibition.

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The video


A few impressions of this year's Noelanders Trophy


Chamaecyparis Obtusa (Japanese Cypress)
By Marcus Watts, styling by Masahiko Kimura


Pinus Pentaphylla (Japanese Five needle pine)
By Andres Alvarez Iglesias, styling by Mario Komsta


Ulmus Minor (Field Elm)
By Othmar Auer


Pinus Parviflora Kokonoe (Japanese Five needle Pine)
By Mark & Ritta Cooper


Pinus Sylvestris
By Gil Marriner


Juniperus Chinensis (Chinese Juniper)
By Luis Balino



Taxus Baccata
By Tomas Bustamante Gomez


Acer Palmatum (Japanese maple)
By Othmar Auer


An overview of the exhibition area