The 17th edition of the Noelanders Trophy has started today and the trees on display are once again, stunning! Over 100 Bonsai trees on display, two entire rows with Suiseki viewing stones and 80 traders make this the epicenter of European bonsai.

The demonstrators of this year are Taiga Urushibata, Koji Hiramatsu and Mauro Stemberger. Together with Marc Noelanders they will choose the winning trees. Bonsai Empire will film the demo's as well, so stay tuned or follow us on Facebook!

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Noelanders Trophy 2016, the video


And the winners are...

With over 100 Bonsai trees on display, selecting the winners was a tough job for the judges. Scroll down to see the winning trees of the Noelanders Trophy 2016.


Juniperus chinensis by Xavier Nassanet

Winner in category "Best Kifu", a Juniperus chinensis, by Xavier Nassanet. Styling by Masahiko Kimura.



Closeup I.


Closeup 2

Closeup II.


Acer Palmatum

Best deciduous tree, an Acer palmatum by Fred Chenal.


Nebari on bonsai

Closeup on the massive nebari.


Acer Palmatum

Best in show (tie between two trees), an Acer Palmatum, by Warren Radford.


Nebari on bonsai tree

Closeup on the wonderful nebari.


Picea Glehnii bonsai

Best in show (tie between two trees), a Picea Glehnii, by Luis Vallejo. Styling by Masahiko Kimura.


Closeup on bonsai trunk

Closeup on the massive and stunning trunk.



A few impressions of this year's Noelanders Trophy

And some photos of the event, including several trees that received nominations for the awards as well.


Quercus ilex bonsai

Nominated for best in show, a Quercus ilex, by Raffaele Perilli.


Oak bonsai tree closeup

Closeup on the oak bonsai.


Juniperus chinensis Itoigawa

Nominated for "Best Kifu", a Juniperus chinensis Itoigawa, by German Gomez Soler. Styling by Mario Komsta


Juniper bonsai foliage

Closeup on the Juniper.


Pinus mugo bonsai

Nominated for "Best in show", a Pinus mugo, by Alfredo Salaccione





Juniperus Sabina bonsai

Nominated for "Best in Show", a Juniperus sabina, by Jose Luis Balino





Acer Palmatum bonsai

Nominated for best deciduous tree, an Acer Palmatum, by Luis Vallejo.


maple bonsai

Closeup on the maple.



Best Suiseki in show, by Mugo Ferrari.


Judging Noelanders Trophy

The judging in progress, early Saturday morning, with Marc Noelanders and the judges.



Area 1

The exhibition area, I.


area 2

The exhibition area, II.


area 3

The exhibition area, III.


Koji Hiramatsu

Koji Hiramatsu from Japan


Mauro Stemberger and team

Mauro Stemberger and his team.


Taiga Urushibata

Taiga Urushibata from Japan, working two days on this massive pine. Demo will be published this week!


Taiga and audience

Taiga receives praise from the audience ;-)