Qingyi Yuan is a Chinese Penjing garden in Suzhou style, located near Shanghai. The collection is absolutely stunning, with Japanese styled trees as well as Chinese styled (Penjing) trees - some of the best we have seen in the world.

The collection of over 8000 (!) trees is owned by Chinese business man and Penjing collector Chen Mingxing. Inside the garden over 300 trees are displayed, the other 8000 trees are kept in a nearby nursery - with 40 staff members taking care of the collection. These numbers are mind boggling and tells us China is working hard to make a come-back. The garden is not open to the public unfortunately...

Enjoy these images and the video we shot there!



large potted trees

Magnificent access into the main courtyard, with large potted trees welcoming the visitors.


The inner courtyard

The inner courtyard where most of the collection is on display.



Some trees get a special spot, wonderful shot.


Penjing trees

Access into the inner courtyard.


Juniper Bonsai

Some trees are still in development, like this grand Juniper Bonsai.


Penjing collection

The Penjing collection.


twisting trunk on this Juniper

Nice twisting trunk on this Juniper.



And another Juniper.



Penjing garden

A look into the Penjing garden.


Qingyi Yuan Penjing in China