Bonsai, Kusamono and Suiseki artists and lovers, came together from all over Europe to the "Old Salt" on Perner Island as part of the Festival of Bonsai. Kusamono (and Suiseki) organized by the Bonsai Club Salzburg. Titled, The International Bonsai and Kusamono festes. Some wonderful and beautifully artistic Bonsai were in the exhibition.

The exhibition took place this year for the third time in Hallein and was probably one of Europe's largest Bonsai exhibitions. Hallein has already made a great noise in the European Bonsai scene. On show were not only Bonsai. but a large number of creatively and harmoniously composed "Kusamono", these are "gardens of palm" or also called "grass bonsai". Suiseki Art on show included a large number of very good viewing stones with their own particular expression, distinctive shape, color and texture.



A number of great demonstrations and lectures took place in the main lecture theatre. Ceramics and Bonsai Pots, Bonsai design and Kusamono along with many other subjects were discussed given by some of Europe’s leading experts. Visiting Salzburg, and writing this post, for the first time was Craig Coussins and his wife all the way from Scotland. They put on two displays. One of Suiseki, 95% collected by Craig Coussins. Their second display was of some very beautiful 19th and early 20th century Japanese Scrolls. They also decorated the entire demonstration room with scrolls hanging on the walls of the large hall. They also showed beautiful small sized Antique ‚accents‘ , bronzes, Cloisonne, carvings, lacquerwork and even hand made miniature Samurai, all suitable for display with a Bonsai and for display with a Scroll. Saturday night was the traditional party and the wine flowed and the participants spirits were high and of course satisfied.

Many wonderful Bonsai traders from far and wide supplied everything from Bonsai to wire, pots, Bonsai Soil and tools. The traders filled up the huge space on the ground floor. The Bonsai Club Salzburg should be thanked for all the work in planning and delivery. One of the very best Bonsai Shows in Europe. Although the temperature was abnormally high for this time of the year, the visitors who came to see the exhibition were very impressed with the overall quality of the Bonsai on display. I have been to hundreds of Bonsai shows over the past 45 years and this is up in the top ten for space, exceptional layout and above all, excellent organization from Herbert Aigner, Fritz Baer and their truly wonderful team who made everything happen.


Photos; The International Bonsai and Kusamono festes




Flowering bonsai


Bonsai tree




Literati bonsai


Maple Bonsai


Rock bonsai


Azalea bonsai tree


Wild Bonsai tree


Kusamono plant






Accent plant for bonsai


Yamadori bonsai


Yamadori bonsai








Figurines for bonsai