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TOPIC: One year doing bonsai: what I've leaned so far.

One year doing bonsai: what I've leaned so far. 3 months 2 weeks ago #37491

1-) Junipers and pines do die inside.
2-) Watering is an art and a science. It takes months to learn how to do it correctly. Most trees from newbies die because of overwatering or lack of water.
3-) Good draining soils do work. BUT... If watered correctly, nursery soils can be kept until repotting time.
4-) One tree is as good as no tree; try to have as many trees as possible, in various stages of development.
5-) Growing bonsai from seeds is loooonnnggg process.
6-) Keeping trees that thrive in your region is much easier than trying extremely weather species. Japanese white pine will not feel happy in Florida, and Brazilian Rain Trees will not feel happy in Alaska.
7-) Study. Research. Read good books. Enroll in a local Bonsai Club. Don't ask stupid questions on Bonsai Forums.
8-) NEVER EVER buy a "bonsai" (AKA mallsai) in IKEA or Home Depot and show it around. It is not a bonsai.
9-) Be patient. Don't prune, chop, bareroot, repot, and relocate a bonsai at the same time. It will die.
10-) LISTEN to what experienced people try to say in the forum. Sometimes they seem blunt, rude, in a horrible mood, too straight to the point, but they are trying to help. Always. And most of the time, they are right. Even if you don't get it, they are right.

Thank you guys! I've been learning a lot just by being here.
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if you have never killed a tree, you are not doing bonsai

One year doing bonsai: what I've leaned so far. 3 months 1 week ago #37497

It's been good having you here. And you learned a lot! Now who said they knew nothing about bonsai!?
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Ficus and bonsai. Lots can be said.
Only small things can ever become big
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