Bonsai is an inspirational art-form with a rich history. So we have put together this section with galleries, movies, top 10's and Japanese Bonsai trees for you to enjoy.

Inspirational Bonsai trees



We have movies on Bonsai progressions (with before and after shots of Bonsai being styled), exhibitions and videos explaining techniques. Enjoy watching!

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Top 10's

Most of our Top 10 articles have been voted for by our fans on social media. We have top 10's on the most beautiful Bonsai trees, but also about crazy miniature landscapes, etc.

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Bonsai in Japan

Where to go The Kanto area (greater Tokyo region) is home to the most famous Japanese Bonsai nurseries, while Kyoto houses the most impressive Japanese gardens and other cultural sites. Personal highlights included visits to Suzuki, Kimura, Omiya, the top-three Japanese gardens and the uncountable number of superb Kyoto gardens. If time permits, schedule a visit to Kinashi Bonsai...

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The Bonsai progressions all show before and after shots of Bonsai trees being styled by experts. A great way to learn the basics of styling trees.

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