Right in the middle of the classic shopping district Ginza you will find this upmarket Bonsai store. Morimae Ginza showcases several beautiful trees and tokonoma displays.

On the second floor there is a selection of a few antique pots, tools and two more tokonoma displays. The shop is rather small, but definitely worth visiting as you will probably make it to the Ginza district in Tokyo anyway.



How to get there

Morimae Ginza is located in the center of Ginza, to get there take a subway to Ginza station and walk down Chuo Dori in southern direction, the shop is located on a parallel street on your left.
Morimae Ginza address: 7-9-10 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (Tel. 03-3571-4114)
Official website: www.Bonsai-s-cube.com


Morimae Bonsai shop

Morimae Ginza Bonsai


Map of Morimae Ginza

Morimae Ginza, Tokyo Bonsai

Open this map in Google Maps: Morimae Ginza Bonsai.