The Taishoen garden is famous for its Shohin sized Bonsai trees. It is located in Shizuoka, right at the foot of mt. Fuji.

Mr. Nobuichi Urushibata (a well known Bonsai master) and his son, Taiga Urushibata (who apprenticed at mr. Kimura) run the garden in a very professional way and welcome visitors. Taiga is fluent in English, which is very convenient if you visit the garden or when you are interested to study Bonsai. They accept foreign students for studies of a few months, which receive very positive reviews.



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Taishoen Bonsai nursery

Urushibata Bonsai master


How to get there

The garden is located in the city Shizuoka, which is on the Shinkansen line between Kyoto and Tokyo. From Shin-Shizuoka take a local train to Higashishizuoka (which should take about 10 minutes). From there the only way to the garden is by taxi, taking another 15 minutes.

Address: 1872-2 Ikeda, Suruga Ward, Shizuoka City


Taishoen Bonsai map

Taishoen Bonsai, Japan

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