Uchiku-Tei is the Bonsai garden owned by mr. Seiji Morimae, a Bonsai artist specialized in Bonsai display and a well known trader of high-end Bonsai.

The company of mr. Morimae is named S-Cube, and has a small store located in Ginza (Tokyo) and the stunning main garden located in Hanyu. Here, several thousand Bonsai are displayed, as well as antique Bonsai pots, scrolls and Suiseki.

Uchiku-tei (S-Cube)

Uchiku-tei (S-Cube)

How to get there

The garden can be visited, an advance notice is appreciated but not required.

Uchiku-tei address: 474-1 Kitaogishima, Hanyu-city, Saitama, Japan.
English spoken: No
Official site: bonsai-uchikutei.com