This year's Noelanders Trophy was a great event and the three demonstrations were of outstanding quality. The demonstrators were Ryan Neil, Seok Ju Kim and Salvatore Liporace. We filmed the demonstrations and in this article you will find the three finished videos. Enjoy watching!



Seok Ju Kim, South Korea

The video shows the progression of a massive yamadori, and its trunk needs to be bend significantly. Seok Ju Kim uses special tools to get the trunk closer to the base of the tree. A very interesting demonstration.



Ryan Neil, United States

As always, Ryan Neil doesn't disappoint. His demonstration is very interesting and in only 3,5 hours he manages to deliver a great progression. He takes a lot of time to educate (and entertain) the crowd and explains the techniques he applies.



Salvatore Liporace, Italy

This demonstration shows the refinement of a great Bonsai and the result is wonderful.