This year's Noelanders Trophy was a great event and the three demonstrations were of outstanding quality. The demonstrators of this year are Taiga Urushibata, Koji Hiramatsu and Mauro Stemberger. We filmed the demonstrations and in this article you will find the three finished videos. Enjoy watching!


Taiga Urushibata, Japan

A two day marathon Bonsai styling... In this video, Taiga Urushibata (Japan) styles this grand and very impressive Pine Bonsai tree. The first day is spend completely on cleaning the tree and doing extensive work on the deadwood (carving mostly). On the second day work starts on pruning branches, wiring and styling the entire tree.



Koji Hiramatsu, Japan

Hiramatsu-san styles this beautiful pine tree into a double trunk Bonsai. Most of his work is in wiring the tree.



Mauro Stemberger, Italy

Mauro Stemberger and his team styled this Pine tree in about 4 hours time. The process includes bending branches (by wrapping them with protective raffia and thick wire), pruning and styling the tree's deadwood.