At the Bonsai-San show held two weeks ago, David Benavente and Andres Alvarez Iglesias both set up four Tokonoma displays. This traditional method of displaying Bonsai trees, together with an accent plant and scroll, is difficult as it should follow the style of tree as well as the current season. Oscar interviewed both David and Andres and took several photos of the displays too. Enjoy!



David Benavente's Tokonoma displays



Andres Alvarez Iglesias' Tokonoma displays



A few more photos of the trees in the Tokonoma

Pine Bonsai

David Benavente's pine in Nov. 2002


Pine by David Benavente

October 2008.


Kimura and Benavente

The picture with Kimura san was taken in Oct 2008.


Landscape, before

The tree that David used in his mountain landscape, 2014.


Landscape bonsai

Photo taken in 2014.


Andres Alvarez Iglesias Bonsai

The Pinus of Andres Alvarez Iglesias, still what he called a "commercial tree" and not a masterpiece.


Pine Bonsai tree

Andres Alvarez Iglesias and Mario Komsta, who was responsible for much of the styling.


Stirax Bonsai

The Stirax Bonsai in full flower.


Stirax Bonsai tree

Close-up on the Stirax.