This Taxus Baccata Bonsai is truly wonderful. I saw it on display at the Noelanders Trophy in 2015 and again last weekend at the Bonsai San Show.

It was styled by Andres Alvarez Iglesias and David Benavente. We managed to get Andres in front of our camera to do an interview on the tree's history and progression.



Movie on the Taxus Baccata Bonsai


A few more photos of the Taxus Bonsai


Taxus Baccata

The Taxus after a first big styling.


In a Bonsai pot and wired

Planted in a pot and wired.



Taxus Bonsai

Several years later, the tree is doing very well.


At Bonsai-San show

The Taxus, now owned by Tomas Bustamente, on display at the Bonsai San Show 2015.