Bonsai forests

Top 7: Great Bonsai forests

The forest style (in Japanese "Yose-ue") is one of the most popular styles of Bonsai. Instead of creating and displaying a single tree, with a forest we create a complete landscape.

Forest Bonsai video

Enjoy viewing seven stunning examples of Bonsai forests!

(#1) Hinoki Cypress

Hinoki Cypress

Wonderful forest style Bonsai by Bonsai Boon.

(#2) Forest Bonsai

Forest Bonsai

Forest Bonsai by Vaughn Bantingburch

(#3) Kimura's famous Bonsai forest

Kimura's Bonsai forest

One of the most famous forest Bonsai, by mr. Kimura, Japan. In his online Kimura Masterclass he teaches some of his famous techniques.

(#4) Maple Bonsai forest

Maple Bonsai

Maple Bonsai forest at Omiya, Japan.

(#5) Buxifolio Bonsai forest


Buxifolio Bonsai forest, by Luisa Alfaro.

(#6) Manlung Penjing

Manlung Penjing forest

Forest on a rock, photo by Manlung Penjing. Learn how to create a Bonsai forest.

(#7) Forest Bonsai


Forest Bonsai, photo by Club de Valdonne.

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Master the art of Bonsai
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