Rock Bonsai

Top 8: Stunning Rock Bonsai trees

A Bonsai growing on or in a rock (called "Seki-joju" and "Ishisuki" in Japanese) is a highly dramatic depiction of nature.

Rock Bonsai video

We can all imagine steep cliffs, where only the strongest and most robust trees can survive. This is exactly the kind of emotion a good rock Bonsai should show. We have selected eight stunning examples to serve as source of inspiration, enjoy!

(#1) Juniper Bonsai on rock, Omiya

Juniper on rock

A stunning composition of two Bonsai trees planted on a rock, photo taken at the Omiya Bonsai Museum, Saitama, Japan.

(#2) Azalea Rock Bonsai

Azalea rock Bonsai

Azalea Bonsai tree on a rock.

(#3) Meifuten Bonsai on rock

Meifuten Bonsai

Bonsai attached to a rock, photo by Peter Tea taken at the Meifu-ten in Japan.

(#4 Rock Bonsai tree

Rock bonsai

Rock Bonsai tree, A forest of Hinoki cypress on a slanting rock, owner Marcus Watts, styled by mr. Kimura.

(#5) Manlung Penjing on rock

Penjing on rock

Chinese Penjing landscape planted on a rock, by Manlung Penjing.

(#6) Buxifolio Bonsai forest

Buxifolia Bonsai

Buxifolio Bonsai forest, planted on a rock, by Luisa Alfaro.

(#7) Juniper trees

Ebensperger juniper

Juniper trees planted on a slanting slate, photo by Peter Ebensperger.

(#8) Creation by mr. Kimura


A creation by mr. Kimura, Japan.

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