A Bonsai growing on or in a rock (called "Seki-joju" and "Ishisuki" in Japanese) is a highly dramatic depiction of nature.

We can all imagine steep cliffs, where only the strongest and most robust trees can survive. This is exactly the kind of emotion a good rock Bonsai should show. We have selected eight stunning examples to serve as source of inspiration, enjoy!


(#1) Juniper Bonsai on rock, Omiya

Juniper on rock

A stunning composition of two Bonsai trees planted on a rock, photo taken at the Omiya Bonsai Museum, Saitama, Japan.


(#2) Azalea Rock Bonsai

Azalea rock Bonsai

Azalea Bonsai tree on a rock.


(#3) Meifuten Bonsai on rock

Meifuten Bonsai

Bonsai attached to a rock, photo by Peter Tea taken at the Meifu-ten in Japan.


(#4 Rock Bonsai tree

Rock bonsai

Rock Bonsai tree, A forest of Hinoki cypress on a slanting rock, owner Marcus Watts, styled by mr. Kimura.


(#5) Manlung Penjing on rock

Penjing on rock

Chinese Penjing landscape planted on a rock, by Manlung Penjing.


(#6) Buxifolio Bonsai forest

Buxifolia Bonsai

Buxifolio Bonsai forest, planted on a rock, by Luisa Alfaro.



(#7) Juniper trees

Ebensperger juniper

Juniper trees planted on a slanting slate, photo by Peter Ebensperger.


(#8) Creation by mr. Kimura


A creation by mr. Kimura, Japan.