Links to Commercial sites

John Pitt Bonsai Ceramics
Handmade and Individual pots for bonsai

Iker Bonsai Pottery
By Chuck Iker, Batavia, Ohio USA.

Japanese Art webshop

Green Dragon Bonsai
Supplier of Bonsai trees, pots, tools and accessories.

Nordic Bonsai
Nordic Bonsai Center, Denmark

Stone Monkey Ceramics
Handamde quality Stoneware Bonsai Ceramics

Dai-ichi Bonsai
Mail order bonsai supplies with secure online ordering.

Mikibu Bonsai
Bonsai Nursery

Jo-Da Bonsai Distributors
Distributors for Bonsai Trees, Books, Tools, Pots and figurines.

Luxury Trees
German retailer of Bonsai and exclusive garden trees

Erin pottery
Handmade Bonsai pots

Walsall Studio Ceramics
High Quality Handmade Bonsai pots.

3500 Bonsai items online.Japanese Bonsai, Trees, Tools, Pots,Soil,Stands,Suiseki

Bonsai UK
online sales of premium bonsai,pot, tools and sundries

Fuku Bonsai
True indoor Bonsai, the easiest and most successful form of bonsai for anyone anywhere

Telperion Farms
Lies in the foothills of the Cascade mountain range, east of Salem, Oregon.

Mendip Bonsai studio
The nursery was set up by John Trott in 1996.

John Hanby Bonsai school
The Newstead Garden and Bonsai Centre is a family-run garden centre

Kaizen Bonsai - Bonsai Mart

Red Dragon bonsai
Red Dragon bonsai farm

Mikibu Bonsai Nursery
Mikibu Bonsai Nursery, Midrand, South Africa

Tokoname pots
Tokoname Bonsai pots

Angkarb bonsai in Thailand

Shikoku Bonsai from Canada (Roberts Creek)

Maplestone Ornamentals
Japanese Maples, Conifers, and many otherBonsai starter material

Bonsai Matsu
Bonsai Matsu website, Melbourne. Also check their Facebook page!

German website on shops in that area.

Shop Bonsai online from Japan to the USA.

Ashley Keller
Specializing in mame and shohin size bonsai pots as well as kusamono pots.

Bonsai Shari Sidiao
Bonsai Shari Sidiao, Taiwan.

Summit Bonsai
Summit Bonsai specializes in pre-sifted soil products, custom built display tables and collected yamadori.

Bonsai Warsaw
An inspiring place that has pleasure to provide You with the finest trees and bonsai art, located in Poland.

Nature's Way Nursery
We are an educational center offering lectures, demonstrations and workshops at our bonsai studio or at your location.

Nate's Nursery
A retail nursery that includes bonsai, pre-bonsai, pots, and bonsai accessories in Apple Valley, CA.

Bonsai Tree
Online selection of Bonsai and related merchandise in South Africa.

Bonsai Hunter gallery
Nursery operated by mr. Oak in Thailand.

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