Links to Personal sites

Shohin-bonsai Europe
Website devoted to Shohin and Mame-bonsai, by Morten Albek.

El bonsái y yo
Blog personal de Loli Avilés

Nik Rozman
Nik art bonsai blog

Bonsaijoven - Un pasito más

Chris V
Chris V's Bonsai blog

Ver con mis ojos. La mirada de Carthago
Ver con mis ojos. La mirada de Carthago, by Juan Antonio Pérez González.

Bonsai Pantheon
Bonsai Pantheon by George Valsamis

Jerry Meislik
Articles on Ficus,hydroponics, indoor bonsai, and tropical bonsai.

Bonsai Factory
G. Scoglio, Italian artist specialized in Kusamono and pots.

Bonsai Wire Tree Sculpture
Unique wire sculpture of Bonsai & many other types of tree sculpture.

Colin Lewis Bonsai Art
General information about the artist and activities since relocating to the USA

Bonsai: My Hobby

Bonsai Blog
Bonsai, big bonsai make and japanese garden create.

Rudy Bonsai
Bonsai, by Rudy.

Bonsai Information
By Craig Coussins; great artist

Bonsai Africa - styles
Bonsai styles compared to natural trees in Namibia

Bonsai blog by Mário Eusébio
Interesting blog in Portuguese

Tony Tickle
Yamadori and Bonsai materials, by Tony Tickle.

Anibal Poublan
Bonsai blog by Anibal, from Argentina

Ronin Bonsai
Bonsai blog of Ray Coulombe.

Bonsai blog from Sweden.

Blog by Rasto

Bonsai Eejit
Bonsai Eejit, by Ian Young

My Bonsai adventure – Moja przygoda z bonsai

Bonsai Prelude
Blog by Dylan Fawcett

Maros Bonsai Blog
Bonsai, Collecting trees from wild, Yamadori and more

Yenling Bonsai
Blog by Jeremiah Lee

Sam & KJ's Suiseki
Wonderful blog on Suiseki.

Neli Bonsai
Bonsai advice by Neli.

Bonsai Quinn
Blog by Matthiew Quinn

Owen M's Bonsai
A beginners journey

Peter Tea Bonsai
Blog by Peter Tea

Capital Bonsai
The personal bonsai blog of Aarin Packard, also check his Instagram.

Crataegus Bonsai
Bonsai Artist Michael Hagedorn

Lakeshore Bonsai
Bonsai in Toronto, Canada

Bonsai Tonight
The blog alternative to the mainstream bonsai media.

Bonsai Argento
Sergio Luciani


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