I was born in Mirano July 21st, 1982. I live in the province of Venice. I work as a Graphic Designer. In 2000 I started my Bonsai adventure that led me to become a student of the School of Bonsai Project Future of Enrico Savini, a member of the Bonsai Club Piombino and a partner and employee of Ubi.

Andrea TrevisanThe passion and the constant search for improvement is a stimulus for me. Every day I learn something new that I can put in practice at my Bonsai. It's a route that has a beginning but no end. I believe in Yamadori as Bonsai material, because it enhances the essences of nature in Europe and it is so unique and diverse that allows us to have a complex and rich diversity in our Bonsai Collection. For me, Yamadori is an unspoken intrinsic beauty that is just waiting for the right moment to come out.


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Some of Andrea Trevisan's Bonsai trees

Azalea Bonsai

Azalea Urishibata


Buxus bonsai tree Andrea Trevisan



Juniperus Kishu bonsai

Juniperus Kishu



Contact information

Location: Maerne, Italy

Email: andreatrevis(at)gmail.com

Website: www.mybonsaido.com