With 26 years experience in Bonsai. especially in Mediterranean species, he was the first Bonsai professional in the Balearics in the mid 80's. He devoted himself to the marketing and training of bonsai.

Antoni PayerasAntoni Payeras has 24 years of experience in teaching Bonsai. In the courses he promotes the potential of every student, giving technical and artistic support to get to create their own work without the teacher helping to style. He mainly works with Ullastres (Wild Olive - Olea europaea var. Silvestris), Juniperus turbinata (sabina sabina Menorca or black), and other Mediterranean species adapted to bonsai. He gives demonstrations, workshops and has his own nursery Bonsai Menorca.

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Some of Antoni Payeras's Bonsai trees

Juniperus Phoenicea bonsai

Juniperus Phoenicea var. Turbinata


Olea Europaea bonsai

Olea Europaea var. sylvestris


Antoni Payeras bonsai

Phillyrea Latifolia



Contact information

Location: Alayor, Spain

Email: info(at)bonsaimenorca.com

Website: www.bonsaimenorca.com