David Benavente is a well-known Bonsai artist from Spain. He set up a great garden near Madrid (Spain), which is open for visitors.

David Benavente 

Quick facts

Appeared at these events: David appears at all main European Shows, as well as some international

Appeared in these magazines: Bonsai Focus, Bonsai Art, Esprit

Awards: Recent awards include overall winner at the European Bonsai San show, EBA award, Noelanders 2nd prize, etc.

Books: N/A



More information about David Benavente

1994 a 1995
 - I worked as a Bonsai potter.

1995 a 2006 - 
I worked for the Luis Vallejo Bonsai Studio as Alconbenda’s Bonsai Museum keeper.

1996 a 2006
 - I worked as the keeper for the Bonsai collection donated by Mr. Felipe González (former Spanish President) to the Royal Botanic Garden in Madrid.

1995 a 2006 - 
I have been teacher for the Luis Vallejos Bonsai School.

1997 a 2012
 - I have contributed to the Bonsai Actual magazine, publication that I managed from January 1004 till December 2011.
 Author of six guides of Todo Bonsai series published by Croma Press, S.A. editorial. Contributions in magazines have reached beyond our borders, I have published articles in Bonsai Today (USA), Bonsai Art (Germany), Esprit Bonsai (France), My Garden (Japan), Bonsai Focus (Europe) and Kinbon (Japan).

 - I received private master classes from Masahiko Kimura about special technics on modeling conifers.

 - Since 2006 I am teaching in my own Bonsai school “David Benavente, Bonsai studio”. Import and Export Bonsai from Japan to European Union.

2009 y 2010 - 
I received private master classes from Imai Chiaru Imai Master.

2012 - 
I have worked for three months in Mansei-en Bonsai Garden in Omiya for the Kato family.


The garden of David


Some of David Benavente's Bonsai trees

Pine by David Benavente

Pine by David Benavente


Acer Palmatum bonsai

Japanese Maple


David Benavente

In good company :-)



Contact information

Location: Galapagar Madrid, Spain

Email: info (at) davidbenavente.com

Website: www.davidbenavente.com