Pak Gede is a very unassuming person. He dressed casually, more often bare chested at home. He is very friendly and has a hearty laugh.  He sits cross-legged on the floor while working on bonsai.

Gedemerta Bonsai BaliLindsay Farr in his World of Bonsai video called him the Bonsai Buddha of Bali for the way he sits. He used to be a co-owner of a restaurant in Bali beach resort area, called Bonsai Cafe, where customers can enjoy the food, beach and bonsai in the garden. Unfortunately, Bonsai Cafe had closed and Pak Gede is currently running his nursery called “Paras Bali” in Denpasar.


Quick facts

Appeared at these events: various events in Indonesia

Appeared in these magazines: Bonsai Focus, Bonsai Actual

Awards: 1st prize Show Adenium Fair, Photo Contest Winner (Bonsai Cafe), Adenium Flower Contest Winner, 1st prize Pageant Little Prospect of Bonsai and Adenium

Books: "The Thousand and One Adenium"



Some of Gede Merta's Bonsai trees


Gede Merta Bonsai ficus

Image of a Ficus Bonsai tree.


Pemphis Acidula

Pemphis Acidula


Pemphis Bonsai

Pemphis Acidula



Contact information

Location: Denpasar, Indonesia

Email: gedemertabonsaibali(at)