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Harry Harrington

Harry was born in Oxford, UK in 1970 and after 20 years in and around Manchester he now lives near the Chiltern Hills in Aylesbury. Harry started Bonsai as a hobby nearly 20 years ago whilst working as a gardener.

Harry HarringtonHarry started working professionally as a Bonsai artist and writer in 2000 after a back injury. His website starting life as a collection of private notes about Bonsai that were published as 'Species Guides' in 2001; the first comprehensive study of plant species suitable for Bonsai available online. Since that time bonsai4me has grown on an annual basis and now attracts over 1.5 million different visitors each year from around the world.

The success and popularity of the 'Progression Series' (articles and photo series showing the development of a Bonsai over many years) in has led to Harry writing and publishing 3 books on the subject via B4MePublishing; Bonsai Inspirations 1 published in 2011, Bonsai Inspirations 2, published in 2012 and Bonsai Basics, published in 2013.

Quick facts

Appeared at these events: Various in United Kingdom

Appeared in these magazines: N/A

Awards: N/A

Books: 'Bonsai Inspirations 1', 'Bonsai Inspirations 2', 'Bonsai Basics'

More information about Harry Harrington

Harry continues to write for bonsai4me and another book is planned for the future. He teaches and runs workshops in the area around London and is frequently commissioned to undertake styling work on client's trees. Harry specializes in turning poor quality material into works of art and enjoys the challenge of styling 'unsuitable' material for bonsai.

Harry rarely shows his trees to the public, preferring to keep a relatively low-profile within the standard Club and Show circuits.

The garden of Harry

Some of Harry Harrington's Bonsai trees

Elm bonsai by Harry Harrington

Cotoneaster bonsai

Beech bonsai

Contact information

Location: Aylesbury, United Kingdom
Email: harry(at)

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